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BREVARD COUNTY — Residents tired of waiting for a doctor’s visit that is brief and doesn’t answer all of your questions are in luck. A new practice is accepting patients that treats each individual with respect to their time, and offers a comprehensive service from an experienced physician.

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Health First is proud of the care its associates and physicians provide each and every day to produce high-quality outcomes. Their most recent hospital quality ratings from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) exemplifty the level at which they provide their customers…

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BREVARD COUNTY — The word “investing” can be intimidating, but with the right people on your side, it can be an easy transition to help your finances grow.

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BREVARD COUNTY — Sometimes home projects are best left to the professionals, and who is better to trust than a family-run company with your best interest at heart?

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BREVARD COUNTY — Each dog has its own personality, from outgoing to independent. They are a part of our family for better or worse, and training classes can help you and your pet understand each other’s needs.

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BREVARD COUNTY — A new kind of therapy is making a name for itself. Floatation therapy, which enriches the body and mind through a meditative floating experience, is the only therapy center of its kind in Brevard.

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Required minimum distributions are usually due by the end of the year. It would seem appropriate to wait as long as possible in the year before taking the distribution. This would maximize the tax deferred build up. Of course, that assumes positive growth of the account.

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BREVARD COUNTY — Living in Florida is a bit like being on vacation every day but when the summer temperatures rise, so do residents’ air conditioning needs.

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Every year around tax time, reports of email phishing scams increase.

Phishing is the act of using computers to fraudulently acquire sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and user names & passwords. To accomplish this, thieves will send electronic communications designed to look like they are coming from a trustworthy entity.

Here are a few examples of phishing scams:

IRS or Treasury Department tax scams. These e-mail scams will typically warn you of a problem with an individual’s tax return, which can only be resolved after confidential information has been sent to the scammers. These scams may also be threatening and use scare tactics such as the threat of criminal prosecution if the information is not sent. Such scams may also include virus attachments within the e-mail.

Fast food entity voucher scam. Some fast food entities have announced that fake e-mails, which ask you to respond to a survey in exchange for a gift voucher, are being sent. The survey scam asks you for confidential personal information, which is then used for identity theft.

Disaster relief phishing scams. These scams exploit the terrible tragedy a geographic region where a disaster has occurred. E-mails claiming to be from humanitarian relief organizations ask you to respond with confidential information in order to complete a charity donation. Other related e-mails have also been known to contain viruses or hyperlinks to viral websites.

Listed below are a few recommendations you can follow to help protect yourself from phishing scams both at work and at home:

Never reply to a phishing e-mail.

Delete any suspected spam or phish from your mailbox.

Remember, legitimate organizations and government agencies will never ask you to provide confidential information via e-mail.

Do not open e-mails from unknown senders. Do not click on attachments or hyperlinks within e-mail from unknown senders.

Be wary of e-mail promising gifts or money in exchange for participating in surveys or by providing confidential information.

Investigate all charities or donation requests thoroughly before sending any money.

You can participate in helping to stop these kinds of scams by sharing this information with your family, friends, and co-workers.

August H. Velten, CLU, is a Space Coast resident and guest columnist, who has served as a financial planner for the past 40 years. He is the president of August H. Velten CLU & Associates Inc., and serves as an instructor with Adult Financial Education Services. Contact him at aveltenclu@cfl.rr.com or (321) 622-5418.

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Bealls family of stores to raise funds for hurricane relief

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BREVARD COUNTY – In conjunction with the upcoming celebration of Imperial Salon & Spa’s 20th anniversary, Dr. Regina Kaufmann of BodyWise Specialists and Kristen Kohl of Imperial Salon & Spa are collaborating for a unique week of events designed to offer medical cosmetic services to …

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