On climate change

My wife and I are in our mid-70s. We met and wed in Europe. She is Belgian and I was in the United StatesAir Force.

Our discussion began with the Swedish teen at the United Nations and her “cause” of climate control.

We both agreed that we never had a cause in our youth even though (her being educated in catholic schools and me in public schools) we both were informed that first we would run out of fossil fuel in the near future and secondly, there would be famines worldwide.

OK, this was in the '50s, my parents were non-political, non-environmental and so was the USA. Because during this period of time we dismembered our mass transportation system, we built the biggest vehicles on the planet and we built suburbs ensuring we would drive a lot.

But we didn’t join in causes. I graduated from high school, joined the military, shipped to Germany in the early '60s and returned four years later.

I actually tried to get to Vietnam when I was in Germany as a forward controller but wasn’t selected.

My next assignment was in northern Minnesota, working with the Canadians debating the pros and cons of being in Vietnam and watching the demonstrations beingld by the college youths. Adults handled the causes, the children stayed at home.

Now the adults stay at home and turn their children loose on the street and here is what you have: Pot-smoking, acid-taking, firebombing radicals that, although being in the same age group I had nothing in common with, although I may have agreed with pulling out of Vietnam. The killing of police, the overthrow of our government etc. was crazy.

And it seems the beat goes on, as generation after generation finds a cause, hits the street, calls it their own, demands that we accept their beliefs or there will be severe consequences.

And now the Democrats want to rid of us of the Electoral College, the one constitutional guarantee that every vote counts.

The average person does not realize the turmoil of a Democracy like Greece where everything is voted on and a government is switched on a whim.

Re: Brainwashed Kids

 This is really addressed to the school board here - I am so mad because the entire School Board is still brainwashing our kids about this stupid climate change baloney.

They told our kids to take a day off to go march against climate change. Then they brainwashed the kids about how they're all going to be dead in 10 years. 

 School board, don't give me any more of this brainwashing garbage and stop confusing our kids  And school board, you better stop doing this to our kids or we're going to start something someday and do something about this, our way.

World of supremacists

Forget white supremacy, we are a world of male supremacy. From the beginning of our civilization males have dominated our society, with the lone exception of the Amazons during the time of the early Greek reign.

All of our religions are male dominated.

Yes, countries in recent history began to free children (labor laws), women (voting laws, planned parenthood) and then social programs, Wilson, Roosevelt & Johnson.

Although most would think these programs would benefit all, in realty they benefit males mostly. Children free up employment, women vote for male politicians, women control birth rate and lessen the responsibility of male support. Johnson’s “ Great Society” programs take even more responsibility from the males and put on the government to support single mothers freeing them from any obligation they would normally have. Roe vs Wade puts the decision of the birth totally on the female and taking the finale decision from the male responsible..

The world’s society’s & countries have always been dominated and ruled by males. Human trafficking is higher now than when the slave trade was at it’s highest in the world. Sex traffic with children is alive and well in virtually every country in the world and the beneficiary are “males”.

That is reality, white supremacy is pure garbage. It is White, Black, Hispanic, Asian male dominance.

Re: Divine intervention

In response to "More on divine intervention" and "Keep your prayers to yourself," I wonder if either reader took the time, any time, to look for relief efforts of the faith communities of North Brevard? Even just the time it took to compose those vitriolic, anti-religion diatribes?

 Or do they only recognize religion when it appears on a front page, or in the Rants and Raves column, which would, I'm sure, cause further negative commentary on how religion "is a disease that exists only for publicity."

I know the giving of time, effort, money and treasure by my church in response to the Bahama hurricane destruction, just as we have responded to every natural disaster that has occurred over the past 25 years.

I also know our faith-based community is not alone on the Space Coast of Florida.

  Just curious: did you hope that Dorian would hit us full-on; or did you think it would just 'fwoop' and disappear? Where did your science send you and what did you do when you came home?

Impeachment fears

If our congress spent as much time at the jobs they were voted in to do, instead of worrying so much about our President, our country would be in great shape.

Ever since his election they have spent just about every waking moment trying to impeach him. WHY?!  He is doing what he said he would do and I for one appreciate it. 

For the first time in many years, we have a President who hasn't talked out of one corner of his mouth and done something else with the other corner.  How refreshing.

  We need to show other countries that he is backed by USA citizens.They should just stand behind him and back him up when he is trying to do his job.

  I am glad not to be a Democrat as I would be ashamed of what the party is trying to do.  We just have to pray that he gets elected again so he can finish what he has started. 


'Deep State' fears

Climate change is not what is destroying us. It is the current Democratic Party. After nearly three years and millions of taxpayer dollars spent investigating a bought-and-paid-for fake dossier by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the democrats have truly revealed what the deep state is and by what lengths and means they will stoop to, in order to unseat a duly elected President who is not part of the Washington elite. Now a phone call and no shred of evidence of any wrongdoing is their latest weapon to continue the coup, all while the country is experiencing a great economy and the lowest employment rate for all minorities and citizenry since 1969, while finally having a President who is keeping his word and doing what he said he would do if elected. The democrats won’t even come to the table for immigration, gun control and other social issues for the fear of allowing our President to look in good favor. After their recent recession lie, they appear to want the economy to falter and for people to suffer because for them it could mean a victory in 2020. This clearly shows that power is their concern over the well-being of the American people. I can’t see how anyone, regardless of how you feel personally about our President, can’t see the almost treasonous actions by the Democratic congress. If there is anything the enemies of our country want to happen, it is to disrupt and create chaos in our system of government…and this is exactly what the democrats in congress have been doing and continue to do, no matter the harm or destruction to their country and its people.

Rave for Bayside High

 We experienced a great welcome when we arrived at Bayside High as our hurricane shelter during Dorian. We were treated wonderfully the entire time. We were all served three meals a day, which I thought was very nice.

  I hope the school was left in decent condition, in case there would be a need to evacuate again. A thank you to Holly Zandez whom I had the pleasure of meeting the morning we arrived. She is a lovely person and was there to make sure everything went smoothly.  She did a great job.

 A sincere Thank You to Teresa Rivera and Terence Parks from the Brevard County Parks and Recreation for their help that I needed and they provided at a difficult time.

 You all performed an exceptional job in our time of need. Bless each and every one of you.

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