Do we really fear taxes?

Of the five words in the title for this article, there is only one word that strikes fear into the hearts of many---taxes. Deep down most of us know that those we elect to govern must at times make difficult decisions to do their jobs, and here I refer to raising taxes.

If you review past articles I have written regarding care of seniors, lack of affordable housing, and funding for nonprofit organizations, you will note a planning trend that will ultimately save the citizens of Brevard County valuable general revenue dollars.

Why is it then that those we elect to serve the over 600,000 citizens of Brevard County fail to recognize that people will age and that many will not have the necessary funds to live? There will always be a need for affordable housing and care for those who have not been able to keep up with rising costs. Local leaders should understand that inflation and unforeseen circumstances will result in a huge number of seniors who will need assistance.

I have previously told you about an aging plan prepared by ordinary citizens of the Helping Seniors Advocacy Council that we submitted to the Board of County Commissioners. Not one Commissioner replied to this document. Most of us know little about the inner workings of local government. Certainly roads are important. Acquisition of deputies and equipment for the Sheriff's Department is a well addressed need as is pay for good public school teachers.

Once our Commissioners realize that a tax is the only way to meet these valid requirements, we should add the need to adequately fund nonprofit organizations, many which serve to prevent the assaults on people that we have recently observed. People who have no place to live, or fear for their lives because they can not access medical care, or who are placed in situations that cause extreme actions should be a matter of concern to all.

I recently sent a letter to 1,800 Brevard citizens who have previously given to Helping Seniors. I hope they will read my letter and recognize the need I have stated. There are still over 600,000 people in Brevard who will never receive such letter. However, many of them may get a tax increase of some type. If so, where will these tax dollars be spent? Will some replace the $1,000,000 that funded local nonprofits serving people who had NO ONE to help them? And, I assure you that there are thousands of people in our community who need help.

Please consider my words and support a tax increase to assist our teachers and nonprofit organizations who help so many in need, assistance which often results in those who are served becoming productive members of our community.

Contact Helping Seniors at 321-473-7770, at, or at P.O. Box 372936, Satellite Beach, FL 32937.

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