Anna Flowers

Author and Viera resident Anna Flowers will be featured in an October episode of the Reelz documentary TV series 'World’s Most Evil Killers.'

VIERA – Author Anna Flowers may live on the sunny Space Coast, but her writing career has flourished partially as the result of her focus on some very dark topics.

Mrs. Flowers, an Indian River Colony Club resident, has been writing true crime books for 25 years.

One of her books, “Bound to Die”, is about serial killer Bobby Joe Long, who was convicted of murdering at least nine women in the Tampa Bay area in 1984.

Because of the author’s research on the killer and the investigation into his crimes – a case notoriously recognized for its successful use of police detection before DNA – she will be featured next month on the Reelz documentary TV series “World’s Most Evil Killers”.

“Producers interviewed Anna about the subject of one of her true crime books, 'Bound to Die', which chronicled the heinous killing spree by Tampa Bay serial killer Bobby Joe Long,” a press release notes.

“First published by Kensington in 1995, 'Bound to Die' enjoyed multiple mass media printings and was named a Mystery Guild Book Club selection,” the press release continues. “The book was newly updated in 2017 with a 5,000 word Afterword and reissued by the Florida Historical Society. Interest in the Bobby Joe Long [case] has not waned with the years: 'World’s Most Evil Killers' is the fifth film documentary in which Flowers has participated.”

As of Sept. 21, the airing date for the episode was yet to be announced.

When it airs, Central Florida residents will be able to access the series on Spectrum channel 1354.

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