BREVARD COUNTY – The summer heat is just beginning, but Cosmos Ice Cream Truck is a go for cooling down Brevard with delicious treats.

The family owned Cosmos, advertised as the "World's Largest Ice Cream Truck" is a family owned business with Tanisha Davis at the helm of the large airport shuttle turned 40 -foot long ice cream stand. Mrs. Davis, born and raised in San Francisco, is a military veteran who began cooking during her service in the Air Force. She always had aspiring dreams to one day own her own business in the food service industry.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own food truck," Mrs. Davis said. "I had a book: 'Food Trucks for Dummies' and every time I would look through it, I would wonder where I would start.”

While perusing Craigslist on Veterans Day of 2011 she found her starting point; listed for sale was both the bus and the business from a previous owner located in Miami.

“I went there, met the couple, I tasted the ice cream and I said, ‘This is it,’” Mrs. Davis said.

Believing the Cosmos name was more appropriately catered to the Space Coast, they relocated it to Brevard. She officially bought the business in December of 2018.

“I’m very lucky because people are very receptive to the business and they love the ice cream,” Mrs. Davis said.

Cosmos Ice Cream Truck has every flavor you can imagine, also offering sorbet and vegan flavors. However, the recommendations are their specialty flavors like "Cosmic Unicorn," any vanilla flavor with cosmic glitter, whipped cream and a mini cone on top or "Nutella Neutron," Nutella ice cream, shredded coconut brownie pieces and sliced almonds.

Mrs. David said she’s also wowed customers with specialties like "S’mores System" and "Planet PB&J."

The process behind the preparation is different from other ice creameries.

“We’re liquid nitrogen ice cream," Mrs. David said. "We start out with a cream base and then we freeze it here on the bus and every batch is made homemade.”

The cream base is made through a dispenser and then poured into a kitchen mixer. A blast from the nitrogen hose adds the freezing component that can moderate the level of consistency.

This technique is important, Mrs. Davis explains, with equal parts expertise and passion, to ensure customers won’t get a quick melting product in the often overbearing Florida sun.

When I heard about the unique and creative flavors, choosing a simple, singular flavor immediately left my mind. I had to try the "Planet PB&J" to see how a distinct taste could be encompassed in the ice cream.

Mrs. Davis was spot on when she explained Cosmos selections are much creamer than regular ice cream. The PB&J tasted just like the sandwich would, but with the added implement of graham cracker bits that only helped to accentuate the sweetness. The consistency was firm without being overly frozen and stayed consistent in taste, even during the melting process.

Mrs. Davis explained that some ice cream can dull in flavor if processed through the method of using ice and rock salt, which was a traditional form of making homemade ice cream.

The Davis family takes pride in knowing they are creating a delicious project, but also that their creations make their customers happy. With help from her husband, Kevin Davis, son, Dakari Davis, and mother, Fenola Long, Cosmos Ice Cream Truck serves various locations around Brevard County, also providing catering services and parties.

“It’s something I love. I know it’s something that makes everyone smile,” Mrs. Davis said. “When I serve people and they give me that ‘wow’ look, it never gets old, the smiles that I see.”

For more information about Cosmos Ice Cream Truck, call (321) 212-7712 or visit

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