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The Homegrown Health and Wellness event will educate attendees about women-focused topics such at the Avenue on Saturday, Oct. 6.

BREVARD COUNTY — Are you tired of trying the latest diet and not seeing results or having to check your favorite medical website to get quick answers about health issues?

The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce is hosting its second annual, free, “Homegrown Health and Wellness” event, with health specialists ready to answer your burning questions.

This unique women-focused event is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Avenue, 2261 Towne Center, Suite 103, Viera.

Events are scheduled to take place between the CBRCC’s office and the Avenue courtyard.

The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Clevens Face & Body Specialists to bring attendees important information about women’s health and wellness.

“Absolutely everything we do in life starts with our health,” said Jennifer Sugarman, President and CEO of the CBRCC. “If we aren’t healthy (in every aspect of that word), neither are the businesses we own, manage or work for.

“Employers lose money and time when employees aren’t healthy,” she continued, “and it’s paramount as an organization that represents over 1,500 business partners (and the women in them) that we recognize this large industry sector of health and wellness, and celebrate our business partners that promote health.”

The first 50 attendees of the Homegrown Health and Wellness event will receive a free, eco-friendly tote bag for collecting information and goodies from vendor tables throughout the day.

A free breakfast and lunch is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The morning will begin with (free) registration at 8 a.m. in the Chamber’s office, during which participants can receive a schedule of events and a “Passport to Health”, which when completed, enters the participant in a grand prize drawing.

Then, by 9 a.m. yoga in the park kicks off events, followed by breakfast at 9:30 provided by Jason’s Deli. Clevens Face & Body Specialist representatives will be the keynote speaker for the morning, followed by mingling in the courtyard where attendees can meet with health and wellness businesses from around the community.

Lunch will be provided by First Watch between the morning and afternoon sessions.

“We’re really excited because the afternoon session is going to be done by panelists, so if you’re familiar with the TEDx talks, that’s what we’re trying to accomplish with this event,” Mrs. Sugarman said. “We’re going to give attendees the opportunity to break up and go to whichever topic they’d like to know more about.”

Panelists for the afternoon session will include: Marlene Winsten, stress management; Dr. Rachel Russell from Beachside Counseling & Wellness, “Stop the Negative Self-Talk”; Dr. Diahn Clark from Suntree Pharmacy, women & sexual health; Carolyn Tremblay, PT, DPT, CLT from Parrish Medical Center, “Stopping the Leak: Women & Incontinence”; and Debbie Hardcastle, Holistic Life Coach and Nutritional Cleansing Coach, “Cut the Noise – Nutrition”.

Two more panelists have yet to be confirmed for topics on “Tune Into Your Body” (warning signs of heart attack, stroke, etc.) and “How to Create Healthy Habits”.

Throughout the day, attendees can watch live demos on yoga, Pilates or power fitness in the courtyard.

“We want women from all walks of life to attend,” Mrs. Sugarman said. “We want people to come and see us, and learn something and hear from our speakers.”

A few of the shops located at the Avenue will offer special discounts throughout the day related to health and wellness in participation of the unique event.

For more information, call (321) 459-2200 or visit

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