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The cities of Melbourne and Palm Bay partnered with Macedonia Community Development Corporation of South Brevard to build two houses on WH Street in Melbourne.

BREVARD COUNTY — The cities of Melbourne and Palm Bay recently finished building two houses for low-income families with the assistance of Macedonia Community Development Corporation of South Brevard.

The homes were built with the Home Investment Partnership Program funds.

Macedonia Community Development Corporation was founded in 2006 with a mission to build affordable, safe and quality housing for low-income families.

“We currently have 11 tenants, and we just completed two being rented out,” said Jerry Phillips, president of MCDC. “The houses are built for very, very low-income families, and most of them have two-to-four bedrooms and they all have two bathrooms. This time we built a house for senior citizen usage.”

The two completed homes were built on WH Jackson Street in Melbourne.

“When we build a house, we try to maintain it and keep it in good condition, as well as its surroundings. It enhances the neighborhood so that other developers may want to come and build here,” Mr. Phillips continued.

MCDC is currently looking to develop housing in Palm Bay, but is currently getting ready for a renovation project in assistance with Wells Fargo. Other partners includes Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, TD Bank and PNC Bank.

MCDC also offers training for compassionate care, counseling services for middle and high school students, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workshops for students in fourth through 10th grade, a home ownership program and more.

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