Satellite Beach rezoning

Sandra Sullivan flanked by Matt Fleming (left) and Daniel Willemin (right) address sea turtle concerns before the Nov. 6 Satellite Beach city council meeting.

SATELLITE BEACH ― The city of Satellite Beach city council voted 4-1 Wednesday, Nov. 6 to approve the conceptional rezoning for the construction of a new four-star hotel at the corner of State Road A1A and Sheerwater Parkway. The site once housed military families from Patrick Air Force Base.

The regular scheduled city council meeting was unusually crowded as residents turned out to hear plans and consider opinions.

Prior to the meeting, environmentalist and sea turtle conservationists rallied in front of city hall in opposition to the height and development of the proposed structures.

"They have an obligation to protect that preserve and high density development won't protect that preserve," said Sandra Sullivan, organizer.

Ms. Sullivan also stated that they had garnered 22,000 signatures on a petition.

"This is actually a historic moment in Satellite Beach's history. They are looking to approve a multi-hundred million dollar development," said Matt Fleming, Satellite Beach resident. "I'm going to recommend they send these plans back to the planning advisory board and to have them produce something that fits within the charter height restrictions."

One of the concerns conservationists share is that the amount of light from the buildings will negatively affect sea turtle nesting.

"We'll be talking through lighting during the engineering portion of the project and developers, from what I understand at this point, have been pretty conciliatory towards any requests for turtle lighting items from the city," said Courtney Barker, Satellite Beach city manager.

During the meeting, residents and council members were shown plans of the hotel as well as being able to view plans for the development post inside council chambers.

The development, known as "The Vue at Satellite Beach" would be located across S.R. A1A from Satellite Beach's 18-acre oceanfront wildlife preservation, which includes Hightower Beach Park.

A motion passed with a vote of 4-1 with Councilwoman Jodi Rozycki casting a no vote; citing width of the proposed buildings as a deciding factor. She supports the 200- ft. wide limit that Satellite Beach Planning Advisory Board recommended. The developer's request for condominium buildings with is 224-ft.

Plans for the development still have a number of phases to go through before construction will begin. The next scheduled city council meeting is Nov. 20.

To watch the Nov. 6 Satellite Beach City Council meeting or to view plans of the proposed hotel and condominiums, visit

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