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One Senior Place is partnering with University of Central Florida's Technology and Aging Lab to present a series of four free seminars this summer.

VIERA – One Senior Place is partnering with University of Central Florida's Technology and Aging Lab to present a series of four seminars this summer, the first of which will, in a way, set out to turn the field of psychology on its head.

The seminar, “Myths About Psychology and the Brain That Even Your Therapist Believes,” will be held at 10 a.m. Monday, June 10 at 8085 Spyglass Hill Road, Melbourne.

As with all events at One Senior Place – a local marketplace for senior resources – admission will be free. An RSVP is welcome but not required and can be set by calling (321) 751-6771.

“Myths About Psychology” will cover ideas in the field of psychology that have been previously accepted as fact, but have not held up against new research. Additionally, it will discuss how research institutions are "seeking to identify and improve on erroneous or obsolete research,” said Fernando Montalvo, who will be presenting each of the four seminars.

“This seminar first builds on how knowledge in psychology is constructed and then presents examples from diverse fields of psychology that we might think are correct, but have either been proven to be incorrect or should face further scrutiny,” added Mr. Montalvo, who is a doctoral student in UCF’s Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology program, and has conducted research in aging, loneliness and human-robot interaction.

“One example that involves my own personal research is our understanding of loneliness,” Mr. Montalvo continued. “For decades loneliness has been seen as the subjective feeling of social isolation and much of the therapies surrounding loneliness involve going out and making friends or improving social relationships.

“We do this even though we have known for years that many people feel lonely even in the presence of good, solid friendships,” said Mr. Montalvo, a recipient of the Florida Education Fund’s McKnight Doctoral Fellowship. “Research at UCF and many other universities has shown that loneliness is about much more than how we feel about our social relationships and can involve things such as whether we exercise or the neighborhood we live in.”

The next three seminars in the series will be:

• July 26 - “Robots are here! How robots are nothing like we expected them to be”

• Aug. 23 - “A Relaxed Talk on Stress”

• Sept. 19 - “Psychology as a Political Tool”

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