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Bahamian miracle airplanes

To those who ridicule the power of prayer: Wait and you will see the power of prayer at work.

Some Americans are using their own airplanes to fly food and water into the Bahamas. The American Red Cross is hard at work there, as are other nonprofit organizations.

We will hear of miracle after miracle as the Bahamas restores themselves and their island.

The power of prayer is a free gift. Try it, you'll like it.

More on “Walmart hypocritical”

Walmart, like most gun sellers, made millions and millions of dollars selling guns and ammo to anyone who was interested in buying them for many years.

To be so ignorant as to side with the NRA because Walmart finally got the courage to do the right thing and refuse to sell certain guns and ammo is wrong.

You should be asking Walmart, “Why only assault rifles and ammunition? Why not all guns and ammo except for small caliber hand-guns and shotguns?”

You should be asking your politicians “Why aren’t you doing something about making sure guns and ammo don’t get into the wrong hands?”

Instead of bad-mouthing Walmart for doing something you should be bad-mouthing the NRA for doing nothing. The NRA gets millions of dollars from the gun manufacturers to lobby the Congress and make big donations to politicians who would rather accept the money than to stand up for the rights of the law abiding public.

I know because I am a gun owner and I have no problem passing a background check, if that is what it takes for me to keep my guns. Anyone who can’t pass a background check, should not be allowed legally to possess or own a firearm of any type, anywhere in the United States.

Rebuttal to 'Biblical proof needed'

To the gentleperson who thinks that if you can’t prove it with the Bible, it didn’t happen. The Bible can’t prove anything. It consists of unproven stories, claims and parables of which none have ever been proven to have ever existed.

One fact about the bible is that it tries to teach people how to live their lives in a way as to serve mankind, not control it. I applaud the Bible for that but, none of the stories have any basis of actual fact.

We, as a society, are just as ignorant as the Mayans were hundreds of years ago.

Just like the Mayans, we believe in gods that don’t really exist because we want to believe there is a place somewhere that, if we believe hard enough, we will spend eternity.

Look around, none of your politicians believe in God. They do however want you to believe, because, otherwise you would act like they do.

Do you think the NRA is a godly establishment? They live off the murder of innocent people, because that is what most guns are used for. Especially religious leaders don’t really believe in god, but they all want to get rich from your believing in god and some have unimaginable wealth, thanks to your faith. Remember the Bakers?

If something can’t be proven scientifically, it didn’t happen. Wake up, people.

Searching for reason and logic on wind shear and a prayer

It's fascinating to me how the anti-prayer group can be so quick to respond to those choosing to be pious.

As evidenced by theirrants their logic is frightening. Example: Those that prayed for Dorian to stay away from Florida didn't care that their prayers were somehow responsible for the devastation in the Bahamas...reason/logic? Phew!

That God saved Florida but didn't care about the Bahamas. That an in depth understanding of global warming, wind shear, et al would have saved the Bahamas? Reason/logic?

If folks are comforted and supported in prayer-wonderful. If those who choose to mock and reject the notion of God and prayer, that's ok too. I hope they also can find peace and comfort in whatever they reach out to, if anything.

Parents setting bad example


Should the Brevard Sheriff's Department wish to add $100-plus to their budget, they need to go to Viera High School at dismissal, especially the 2 p.m. early dismissal.

The handicapped spaces are occupied by cars with no plates nor stickers indicating these cars actually are for handicapped. This is an ongoing observation I've had for the past two years.

These illegal drivers and parkers are looking for a quick pickup of their students, without having to wait in the usual parking lots with all the other parents who are law-abiding.

These illegally-parked parents are setting such a bad example for their children.

I have a handicapped plate and sticker, and kids always make fun of me or my car. But young people should be paying more attention to the example some parents are setting.


Brainwashed millennials


I'm very upset about all this nonsense about climate change and how young millennials are being brainwashed into thinking the world will end in 12 years.

Climate change is all a bunch of malarkey.

They need to assure the kids none of this really going to happen. This all just a bunch of baloney, this nonsense climate change baloney.

Dog and pony show in Afghanistan

We have been doing the dog and pony show in the land of the Taliban for 18 years. Countless lives have been lost and we have spent trillions of dollars, we build things and the they destroy those things. We train their soldiers and they kill our soldiers.

They take countless polls of American citizens and time after time the majority say “bring our soldiers home," but the very congressmen we sent to the swamp say "No, we have to stay to protect the homeland."

Last year President Trump got into trouble because he said he accepted President Putin’s word over our intelligence people, and you know what, so do I.

How many times have our people lied? Didn’t we go in front of the United Nations and swore that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, verified by our CIA? We sure did, but we couldn’t find them, could we?

We go into country after country with bad intelligence provided by the CIA and those people that should know.

The Taliban didn’t attack us on 9/11, they harbored Bin Laden. We asked for his return, they said no, so we went after him.

OK, we assaulted and invaded another country to find the terrorist that struck our country. Later we killed him in yet another country. Why are we still there? To prevent another attack...but there are terrorists in many countries that we could invade and occupy, so why aren’t we there also?

Afghanistan has no love for America and the military we have built for them is a shambles. The Taliban control more territory now than they did when we initially invaded.

Tell your Congressmen to ignore their donors and bring our troops home, listen to President Trump.


Displeased with DeSantis

I have to admit I didn't know much about Florida Governor DeSantis. Looking forward and back is troubling and disturbing to me.

Looking forward, I see trouble for any child associated with Trump, DeSantis or the kids of their followers. Dressing the young in racist, repugnant MAGA clothing, especially for political gain, is beyond rational thinking. When they are older the insults and ridicule heaped upon them online or in person - justified or not, through no fault of their own - will come from children of color, who will be in the majority within a decade.

Looking back, "Congressman DeSanitized" voted in late 2017 for the so-called Tax relief bill that passed Congress without hesitation or hurdle. Why is the Governor not bellowing his accomplishments from the bowels of Mara-Lago?

In reality, the Governor and his GOP cohorts all should be listening to prison doors slamming shut behind them for the shame and stain they have bestowed upon us all.

This stain on history will neither fade, flutter, nor be forgotten. It is our failure,for example,to protect the refugee children along the Southern border. Have we no shame?!?

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