Infighting takes from real problem

Has everyone is America, whether Republican or Democrat, voting or non-voting, God-fearing or non-believing people forgotten that there are countries that have heavily financed terrorist groups in them that want to kill us. Have we forgotten 9/11? Have we really?

While everyone is fighting, screaming, being racist, being far right or being far left, it's dividing our country and the terrorists are sitting, watching, laughing and plotting. They may not be able to get in a plane and do it again, but they know how to take out our power grid and know other very deadly and violent methods.

We all need to stand together as Americans, together and united.

Teacher's work at a bargain

I'm writing to those who think teachers are paid too much.

If you had to pay a babysitter who does not teach your child anything but just makes sure they are safe, you'd pay $5 per hour per child. If a teacher has 20 students (most have more in their classes) it would earn them $100 per class and with 6 classes a day that would give teachers a pay rate of $600 per day.

I'm sure every teacher would love that pay rate and think no lesson plans, IEP's, parent contacts, materials the pay for out of their pockets to make things run and more. For 40 weeks I don't think any teacher would turn down $120,000 a year. Now, would parents want to pay that rate for each child they have? Think of people without children who wouldn't have to pay any taxes for schools. Think about it: students are educated, parents wouldn't go bankrupt or have to work two jobs to pay for it (many teachers work two jobs just to make ends meet). We should be grateful the children Brevard County are getting a great education, the parents are getting a great bargain and our future would be in good hands.

Think about that when you feel the teachers should be happy.

Trump supporters not backing down

I understand why some are pressuring Trump to go against his supports, but he's not going to go against his supporters. He doesn't mean what he said to "send her back".

Rep. Omar has opened her mouth quite a bit and no one's told her anything. They need to start going after them too and to stop picking on Trump's people.

I'll tell you one thing right now, none of his supporters are leaving President Trump. Don't think and wish this is going to happen. We are going to be following him even more now. We know what the Democrats are trying to do.

We're going to be watching what they say and we're going to speak up, too.

Show off Port St. John

A big rave to living in Port St. John for 15 years, but I always thought there should be a big sign by the boat ramp that says "Port St. John"

It's a great tourist photo spot and if there was a rocket launch it would be in the background; something like the southern most point sign in Key West or even smaller.

Anyone else thinks its a good idea? Our county commissioner loves it but says we need to form a committee.

Addressing homelessness

I am a registered Republican but really an independent voter. I did vote for Randy Fine however my confidence that he will rush back to Tallahassee and spearhead a remedy for this area is zero percent.

Why? Because this is an overwhelming problem. Let’s see what the major cities have done; nothing. Their judges have ruled that law enforcement cannot even arrest these people that are camping out on the streets. A few years ago vagrancy was a crime; using the sidewalk as your personal toilet was a crime and in some areas some actual crimes are not crimes.

The residents of these homeless “villages” have several things in common First, most are drug addicts, some are mentally unstable. Second, they either do not want to work or cannot work. Third, they are going to live on a life of crime, begging or on “dole” of government benefits that they can qualify for.

While working in Charlotte, N.C. I employed a person that was homeless due to circumstances. He had all of his belongings in a duffle bag, he stayed at night in a shelter and had to be there at a certain time to register or he would lose a bed. I agreed to the conditions and ensured that he never missed that time until he got back on his feet. I also discussed with him drugs, being punctual; he was one of my best employees.

Public pool's closed

What’s with the two public swimming pools in Palm Bay and Melbourne? I heard they were closed to repair leaks. That ‘s what I heard in April. It’s now July. Is there a money problem? Contractor problem? Where are the children and adults supposed to go to cool off in this heat. Every week I drive by the pools and see nothing being done. I can see the pools being shut down in the winter months, but com on, this is summer, and one of the hottest ones in a long time. Who is in charge of maintaining our public pools?

Editors note: The following response was sent from the City of Palm Bay

"The City of Palm Bay Aquatic Center is closed until further notice due to unforeseen structural issues impacting the pool. Inspections at the facility revealed multiple leaks in the pool, including the discovery of leaks in the pool liner. While the City is working diligently to repair these issues, it will likely take several months to complete and will include replacing the liner of the pool and fixing leaks, as well as updating the underwater lighting system.

'Although the Aquatic Center will be shut down for an extended period of time, we are hopeful that this will reduce the amount of time we will close for maintenance in the next several years,' said Fred Poppe, Parks and Recreation Director. 'Because the Center is a year-round facility with no seasonal closures, there is never a good time to shut down for maintenance. The pool is 16 years old and ready for these renovations, so we feel that trying to get them all done at once is the best use of time and funding.'

The City is also taking this time to switch the pool over to a chlorine-generating salt system. While the need for refurbishments was unexpected, the planned updates are in line with the City’s overall vision of becoming more energy efficient city-wide.

While our facility is being repaired and upgraded, we encourage residents to take advantage of one of the facilities below:

Fee Avenue Park – City of Melbourne - 1609 Babcock St, Melbourne, FL, 32901 (seasonal)

Gleason Park Pool – Indian Harbour Beach - 1233 Yacht Club Blvd, Satellite Beach, FL, 32937

Lipscomb Street Park - City of Melbourne - 3316 S Monroe St, Melbourne, FL (seasonal)

North County Aquatics Center – Indian River County - 9450 County Road 512, Sebastian, FL, 32958

Sherwood Park - City of Melbourne - 2479 Post Rd, Melbourne, FL, 32935 (seasonal)

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Infighting takes from real problem; The author is right except for his/her final thought, that the terrorist cannot get on an airplane and do it again.....WRONG, I guess you have not been following what is going on with the TSA, yep, they are doing what all government agencies/employees do and that is they do not do their job, they let food carts on without inspection, they let employees on without inspection, they let favored personnel on without inspection, they miss everything in the world, basically, what they have shown and now what the terrorist know, the same guys that got on before could get stuff back on the airplanes now that got them on before. Would passengers fight for their life's? Sure, if they knew they were going to go into a tower etc. but I have no idea what a terrorist can do, my wife and I do plan to fly to Europe in the near future and I don't want to find out either.


Teacher's work at a bargain, OK, this has to be the dumbest formula ever for evaluating the worth of a person in a responsible position. We can also use this to set the salary of a Manager of a "fast food" restaurant, that manager has about a dozen people per shift and has two shifts so that means he/she has 24 people that the manager is responsible for. I managed a Distribution Center that had 150 employees, a delivery fleet of another 100 people for a total of 250 x 5. I believe on your formulae I could have probably retired from that company after just a few years of work. That is how ridiculous your idea is.

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