Enough politics

I wish there were fewer rants with a political tone. We could be arguing for another 16 months and this will just raise our blood pressure with few results convincing the other side.

On another subject, school backpacks are cool for the new school year but why aren't last year's backpacks recycled at the same time?

We are accustomed to hold on to "stuff" that would be best to discard after they served their purpose.

1-95 clean up needed

Are there any plans to either clean or paint the wall on Interstate 95 South at the Viera entrance onto Stadium Parkway?

It's so filthy.

I can't figure out why our officials are not noticing this to get it fixed.

Teachers deserve more

I was a teacher for 25 years in another state. Now living on $19,000 a year to pay mortgage, etc.

I would be delighted to receive the salary for a first year teacher. I have been in Florida for 21 years and have never gone on a vacation or even to a movie. I know, like myself, teachers often pay out of pocket for those kids that need some supplies. Perhaps the salary they are now receiving isn't adequate for a nice vacation or even to go out to dinner.

They should be satisfied and perhaps Brevard could help with the school supplies.

Check the financial temperature

When we first moved to Palm Bay, we had "Chicago Blood" in us, so we did a lot of sweating.

We've been here now for over a year. When we looked at the house we eventually purchased, the owner had the thermostat set at 79 degrees. As the temperature outside was near 90, it felt comfortable. We have since kept that thermostat at 79, increasing it to 81 or 82 when we go to bed at night, and changing it back to 79 when we get up. I wonder what the thermostats at the Brevard Public Schools are set at? Why not try that at the schools? Set them at 79 when classes are in session, and 81 when school is over for the day. The savings could be used to give teachers a quarterly bonus, and maybe help with some much-needed school supplies for under-privledged students.

What is socialism?

In response to the author who complained that all the Democrat presidential candidates are presenting themselves as socialists. First, it would be helpful to look up what socialism is. I think many think it is the same as communism and this is not fact.

Here is one example: Socialism is an economic system where everyone in society equally owns the factors of production. The ownership is acquired through a democratically elected government. It could also be a cooperative or a public corporation where everyone owns shares.

Some, but not all, of the Democrats running for president have some policies they would like to advance that are socialistic. Might I remind everyone our society has many socialistic policies. What do you think Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the U.S. post office, our National Parks, Libraries, road systems, . etc. are? Trump just gave a lot of money to the farmers due to his failed trade policy that hurt them and this is also socialism. So Trump is a socialist? Not necessarily - he had a socialistic policy (via our tax money) to help the farmers.

Simply because someone says something doesn't make it true. Please become critical thinkers and fact check what others say.

More rants and Palm Bay drivers

I am so sorry the Rant section has been reduced. I truly enjoy hearing from the opinions and views of the people of Palm Bay.

Quite frankly we have no other sounding board to release our frustration and have enjoyed it. I wish Hometown News would consider giving us at least one more page. Are there any others who agree? Please let Hometown News hear from you.

As for Palm Bay drivers, I must say they are not the ones that were here in 2005 when I arrived. Keep in mind we have a lot of folk who have moved here from Philadelphia and New York. These are fast paced cities, and they have changed their license tags to Florida tags, but they are the same drivers from up north. So when you see weavers , or tailgaters, they are no doubt not the locals.

Yes, "Anyone can be homeless"

I second the author when he talks about demeaning people that have gotten into this situation through conditions beyond their control (losing jobs, housing debacle when their homes were “underwater” and they had no recourse except move out).

Employers, take a deep breath and consider the person you have in front of you, just because he/she is homeless doesn't make them a bad person, it makes that person a desperate and needing person. You may be the very lifeline they are reaching for.

Our sorry politicians knew this problem was on the horizon, again we have seen the Secretary of H.U.D. publicly state that people are on the waiting list for 10 years….yes you read right, who in the world can wait that long. Now, Congress is demanding that Secretary Carson find a way to give illegal aliens priority into H.U.D. housing even though Carson explained that this was not legal.

Politicians of all parties need to take a deep breath and find a way to work together, stop hating Trump every minute of the day and resolve problems that concern our people. Just like the previous author stated, most were productive members of our society and they want to be again. Why can’t we do our part and give them a helping hand? The best protection we can offer is to get them off the street.

Local traffic solution: the Chicago way

If you are stopped the police for a routine traffic infraction, they will ask for proof of insurance. If you don't have it, your vehicle in impounded where it stands. It's $150 for the tow to the impound yard, and $30 per day storage. If you don't reclaim the vehicle within 30 days it gets melted down for scrap. If this happens to you in Chicago, you call the nearest insurance agency and go there and purchase coverage, and take that proof to the pound to reclaim your vehicle.

It makes money for the city and takes uninsured drivers off the road. Many of them don't make the first payment on the insurance; the policy then gets canceled. If later stopped again, the same thing happens all over again.

Do this in Palm Bay and Melbourne and the streets will be safer, and maybe some extra perks could go out to teachers and first responders.

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RE: "Local traffic solution: the Chicago way" If the Chicago way is so great, why aren't you there? (Signed "Born in Chicago and left Illinois the day after graduating high school")

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