"Teachers work at a bargain" rebuttal

This is in reply to the Friday, Aug. 1 rant about teacher's working at a bargain.

Just do a little bit of math, teachers don't really work at a bargain. They work a six hour day as compared to the normal eight hour plus work day for most people. Most people work 52 weeks out of the year, five days a week. They only work 180 days out of the year. They have summers off, Spring Break, Christmas vacation and other days off during the school year. If you take their vacation pay, their sick time, pension and other benefits they really come out well

I think that if teachers want a pay raise they should go to a full year-round school system, work an eight hour school day, work 52 weeks out of the year and three weeks vacation like most other people do.

That's about the only way they're going to see the kind of money they're looking for.

What happened to sensible driving?

Why have a large number of drivers gotten so selfish, rude, careless, lazy and dangerous?

I'm, of course referring to the lack of turning signal usage. The other situation, equally dangerous, is the absence of lights when it's raining or dark. A third issue is one requiring inspection of the lights on the vehicle. Since former Governor Bob Graham stopped state vehicle inspections, this has become a big issue. Since it is a law that lights are to be on in the rain, that should be automatic. Lights on after 8 p.m. should be a no-brainer too.

I think the lights on in the rain can be solved by making lights automatically come on when the wipers do. That is up to the manufacturers and should be no problem to do.

Tip for hot cars/trucks

I found an item that might help the UPS guys with the hot truck. It' an Arctic Air that you could probably put on your dash and you can also order the filters There is also an Arctic Cap or large brim hat. This one is in the Dream Products catalog. You can also find it in the Heartland catalog. Maybe this will help.

Anyone can be homeless

Why do so many feel the need to demean the homeless? I've met and talked to many homeless people, no problem. Demean them and their suffering to their face, then you'll see what repeated knives to the heart can do to a person.

Why are so many blind to their pain? Because people just have to have someone to blame for their own discomfort, so they make up stories about them, citing “the facts” based on “I'm afraid,” or “uncomfortable,” but not because of any real reason, just bias. Where are they to go or sleep? They would have a shelter but those with homes vehemently protested against it. Homeless people are simply people who've found themselves in insurmountable circumstances. They're no worse than anyone else.

The number one cause of homelessness is lack of affordable housing; not unemployment. Many can and do work. One fourth of all homeless people are children, thousands are veterans and many are women. Nearly 80% are victims of violence and have some sort of debilitating issue. Most seek work, but people won't hire you if they know you're homeless.

Until recently Florida was number one in homeless hate. California is now number one. They achieved that status after many lost their homes to disasters. Now 30% of the homeless attacks and killings occur in California. Big disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere. You could be next.

2nd Amendment is not open invitation

Let's remember what the 2nd Amendment was written for and let's remember that it is not a promotion to be a terrorist or domestic violence abuser. Let's not forget that we need to teach our children better.

Benches at bus stops

I've been a lifelong resident here and I've noticed a lot of people at bus stops have a very difficult time standing at bus stops without benches or protection from rain or lighting. I've actually been one of them at one point.

My hope is that we can get together as a society with either Melbourne or Cocoa city council to at least get some benches for people from protection from the elements.

Democrats have changed

Most of the Democrat presidential candidates have presented themselves as socialists.

Approximately 60 years ago, the United States had a Democrat president who was murdered by a socialist. The Democratic Party has sure changed in the last three score years.

Lagoon needs action, not words

There have been a lot of forums and discussions about this, but nothing is getting done. We need to take drastic action on our lagoon because our lagoon is dying.

I've been a resident here for fifty-five years and people used to catamaran and ski and everyone would enjoy it, but not it's just disgusting.

I don't even think I'd eat a fish caught in the river today which is pathetic.

Violent games to blame

My concern is about school violence and the school shootings that happen all the time. The World Health Organization says that mental illness is on the rampage due to the internet, especially these games these kids play.

They're all violent and this has younger peoples, maybe even older peoples, minds messed up. I know back in the 1950's, 60's and 70's when I was in school, we didn't have any school shootings at all. We had just as many guns available as we do now. The big difference is the internet and these violent games. They sit there and play them and they're all violent.

It's not the guns. The people kill, not the guns.

Mental illness and gun violence

Mental illness is not something new. I am convinced that our legislators are just sitting back and watching everyone kill each other.

Mental illness has been around for many many years all they had to do was create a law which stated that if you had any known mental illness whether you have been Baker acted, which by the way was created to stop gun violence or put into a institution or placed on medication for mental illness, then your right to bear arms should be forbidden.

If you have a felony you're not allowed to bear arms why can't we pass that along for mental illness.

What is the matter with our legislators, our House Representatives, our senators? Why would they not want to protect us and our children and our grandchildren? They work for us I think it's about time we all stand together and force them to react.

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RE sensible driving. Gov Bob did away with this useless program. The headlight inspection was a farce and did nothing for safety. Driving safely is the driver's responsibility,and as such they should be familiar with Florida laws which probably are not the same as the ones in other states. You would think that 'lights on in rain,always use turn signals,hang up the phone/other devices is a no-brainer. If the writer has problems with the lights go to reputable repair shop and have them checked out. I believe newcomers should pass a written test to prove they understand our laws before they're issued a license.


I don't understand why there aren't shelters at the bus stops. Maybe businesses would put one up and advertise on it. I feel bad when I see people standing in the rain waiting on the bus

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