School district accounting

Ask any business person what is your biggest expense on the budget? Yep, labor. When the corporate office would say to me annually we need your division to produce X percent of profit, after I would go over every expense on the budget with a fine tooth comb, I knew that I could only find the last result where? Labor.

So, in the article who has the better accountants? Didn’t take long to find that answer: Brevard Federation of Teachers – the union. They informed the school district they had the money to resolve their own problem.

So, this is an article about incompetence. Now, how much did it cost to go out to a third party accountant to tell the School District that they had incompetent accountants, we don’t know. I will tell you this, the service provided is not cheap, but they don’t care.

After all, this is your money that is being spent.

“Teachers Work at a Bargain" rebuttal

I think the notion that teachers are paid plenty for the hours they work grossly oversimplifies the situation. More important factors are at work, such as the number of hours teachers work without being paid, money they spend for supplies the schools can’t/won’t pay for, return on their training (college) investment, etc.

I think the most powerful factors at play are driven by social values and market economics. Specifically: 1) Teachers aren’t as highly valued in our society as other professions/professionals (doctors, lawyers, actors, etc.); 2) The amount of money schools have for salaries which, in turn, is driven by people’s’ willingness and/or ability to pay higher school taxes which, of course, is driven in part by how much they value teachers and education.

Next, just increasing teachers’ hours will not, by itself, let them “see the kind of money they’re looking for”. In fact, it will likely increase other costs (maintenance, utilities, etc.), thereby decreasing the amount of salary money available.

Political debates not worth the time

It is annoying and a waste of time to post political opinions.

You are not going to change anyone's mind. If you can't have a conversation or read different points of view you are either too far to the left or right.

Teachers working more than you think

I cannot believe that people still believe teachers work only six hours a day and have tons of time off.

Yes, they may be in the classroom six hours a day, but what about lesson plans; grading homework and tests; advising or coaching extracurricular clubs; parent-teacher conferences; or buying their own supplies? That's not to mention continuing education so they can keep their certification.

If any teacher is following the schedule outlined in the ranter's rebuttal, I bet they won't be re-hired. I suspect the writer may not even have children in school.

By the way, how does a non-teacher work 52 weeks a year and get three weeks vacation?

Buying Greenland

A big rave to President Trump and his idea to buy Greenland.

We are told daily about climate change and how Florida will be underwater. Which means the islands like Bahama will be under water. The ice on Greenland will melt and a billion people have to move somewhere. We should buy northern Canada also.

Healthcare reform is needed

We need serious health care reform. The Affordable Health Care Act was a great start but it needs improvement.

Insurance companies and Big Pharma have too much political influence. Price gauging will bankrupt this country. We must remove money influence from lobbyists and we must consider a single-payer system.

What we have now circumvents the natural laws of supply and demand; that strips the ability for consumers to choose. The very basis of democracy has been bought and sold, but we can still fix it.

I urge Rep. Posey, Sen. Rubio and Sen. Scott to legislate and fix it.

RE: "Enough politics"

I am probably guilty for sending in a lot of political rants, virtually all not posted which most of you are probably grateful for.

However, the reason that I write them is because I honestly believe that most of our problems are generated by the very people that we vote into office locally, to the state offices and to the national offices.

If you look at the rants that are sent in: drivers that don’t use turn signals, don’t turn on lights at dusk or when raining - that used to be a driving violation, you were first given a ticket, after so many your license was pulled. Rants written in about defective vehicles, same as above, that again is where the vehicle is taken off the road by law enforcement.

Drugs, homeless situation, condition of our streets, lack of security in our schools: you bring up a problem and I will bet you that there is a political decision at the bottom of it. You probably already know that bills are passed in Congress and our legislature doesn’t even know what is in them, their staff prepares them, they are passed, then flaws are found and they scurry to correct the damage they have done. It happens all the time.

Remember, Nacy Pelosi said you will have to pass Obamacare to be able to read it, so the House passed it and then, this is the kicker, Obama was still writing it with executive orders, which of course was illegal, but that doesn’t slow down our politicians. Both parties are guilty.

All Dems are socialists?

The writer of the August 16 piece begins by stating, “Most of the Democratic presidential candidates have presented themselves as socialists.” The New York Times article July 20 titled, “Fact-Checking Trump’s Claims That Democrats are Radical Socialists,” says that only one of the 24 announced Democratic presidential candidates (Bernie Sanders—“Democratic Socialist) characterizes themselves as socialist.

Since so few people are referring to themselves as socialists, it might be instructive to focus on the people who refer to others as socialists. Sometimes people get referred to as “socialist” because they talk about a redistribution of wealth. According to the nonprofit Economic Policy Institute in an article from July 2019 titled “The Income-Productivity Gap,” since 1979 American productivity has increased by almost 70%.

According to Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump’s theory of trickle-down economics, we should all benefit from being more productive. Why then has hourly pay increased less than 12% in the same period, as college and healthcare and childcare costs have gone through the roof? Productivity has grown six times more than pay. Unless you own the corporations that have seen the gains.

In an article from Bloomberg on August 10, the Walton family of Walmart fame gets $4M richer every hour, twenty-four hours a day. They get richer in large part because you and I pay the taxes that supply the housing vouchers and food stamps that Walmart employees require to live. Why pay a living wage when the government will step in? Maybe that's socialist.

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