RE: "Driving them crazy"

Interesting article from a Brevard reader. I don’t know where they would have seen an article about slowing down their driving. I sure don’t see it on the road, nor have I seen it in print.

Before we take a look at the points, has the author taken a look at the situation in New York? Did you see the picture of all the illegal’s lined up to get their drivers license?

Now, that has nothing to do with your points other than how do you know that the person driving the car ahead of you and behind you with the Florida tag has anything to do with being a "Florida driver” other than they went to someone, somewhere and received a drivers license that would qualify them to register a car, but beware they may or may not have any insurance on said vehicle.

I can personally tell you that having lived in South Florida many of the drivers neither know how to drive or have insurance. When you have an accident you are on your own.

No. 1 is the first indication of DUI., No. 2, read number 1, No. 3, read No. 1, No. 4 is not caring, No, 5, read No. 4, No. 6, read No. 4.

Do you ever read the police report in this paper? Do you actually think you can get rid of stupid?

Put it on your list for 2020.

More on crazy driving

In addition to the complaints about Florida drivers from last week, the writer missed the most important, annoying one; the one that I believe causes more road rage and accidents then just about anything else.

The number one problem is people riding along in what is known as the passing or fast lane. That lane is used to pass a car(s) and then pull back over to the right lane.

I have actually seen people pull out on a road and immediately move over to the fast lane when not even going the speed limit but just to get into that lane and then just sit there all the while cars are backing up behind them without a care in the world! Not only is this rude but it is against the law.

I wish police would give tickets out to these inconsiderate drivers. Sometimes the department of transportation has signs out reminding drivers of this, but still they do not do anything about it.

Stay right except to pass, please for everyone’s sake! Thank you!

Raising the smoking age

It never ceases to baffle me how the government deals with certain healthcare matters. Example: Government health agencies including NIH, CDC, American Cancer Society, most physicians and most people working in the healthcare industry, all agree that smoking is bad for your health.

Government's response: raise the age limit for the purchase of tobacco. You don't take the poison off the market (unless it's Zantac, or Round-up).

No, if your are the government, first you legalize the poison, you get tax revenue off the sales of it, set the age limit for the purchase of it and then you allow lawyers to sue the tobacco company when someone dies of lung cancer.

If this isn't the most absurd nonsense you ever heard. I guess this is what they call government healthcare.

More recognition for Port St. John

Port St. John is a nice, small town and it needs a sign by the boat ramp that says: "Welcome to Port St. John" or something nice. Port St. Lucie and Port St. Joe have bigger boat ramps, but a sign by the boat ramp when a rocket is launching would make a good picture.

The county agrees with me but says we need a sign committee.

Some reasons dogs are out in public

Thank you for your wonderful paper. It ended my year wonderfully and I look forward to the next one.

Why do people carry dogs out in public? Here are a few reasons: 1) to be seen, 2) to get away with it, 3) to spread diseases and germs to other dogs, 4) to put them in grocery carts where others put their babies or children, and 5) logically, the vet.

More on "Shooters shouldn't have rights"

The article doesn't compare apples to apples. I wrote the article stating the shooter of a police officer shouldn't be protected by the Constitution and should be isolated at Guantanamo Bay. The author stated they should have Constitutional rights.

Okay, give them Constitutional rights but still ship them to Guantanamo Bay and be isolated. My article stated 41 police officers were killed for no reason other then being a police officer.

In a couple of weeks the total for 2019 went to 43. The author stated that the police killed 897 during 2019, many were justified. How can you give this number and don't know the number of justified shooting. Yes, there were wrongful shooting/killing by police and they were investigated and dealt with. The author stated that we've had these rights for 243 years. However, look at the constitutional rights they want to change. The author stated without these rights we would have unrest. They are right. There would be unrest, however, if we don't make changes to these unjustified killings of police they will continue or maybe go up. By shipping them to Guantanamo Bay we will send a strong meaningful message.

We all have freedom of speech, this is mine and I'm sticking to it.

Fish should be appreciated more

I really like the Hometown News paper, but I do wish to say I do not like the pictures of people catching fish and the people show off their catch.

I think it is really sad to see the fish that are shown off in the people's hands. I know they are fish that are caught and they are probably not important like how women have procedures that get rid of their babies. But the fish live in the water and I do not know if the fish are put back in the water.

I believe it is cruel to show off the fish. The fish are beautiful and the people need to put the fish back in the water. People should appreciate the fish with their beauty. Maybe the fish are just fish, but it's beautiful to see them jump out of the water.

Fish should not be caught for sport or showing them off. Especially when the parents tell the children to hold fish and show them off. The parents need to tell their children to put the fish back in the water and give enjoyment to people who like to see fish jump out of the water.

RE: Texting and driving has to stop

To the author of this article, we already have a law that makes it illegal to drive and text. We have a law that makes it illegal to drink and drive. We have a law that makes it illegal to use drugs and drive and we have a law that prohibits people from just using the cell phone and driving (unless that are on a “hands free device) but that doesn’t seem to stop them.

Next you need to study your government in action, the governor doesn’t make the laws, want to guess who does? How about the legislature that you vote into office, think they do something other than just hang around Tallahassee and draw a paycheck until they can get a pension from us? They are the ones that make the laws that the Governor sign.

Oh, by the way, that is the dumbest idea in the world but I do agree, when Blackberries first came out I actually tried to use mine while driving, once.

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