Free for all

After watching some of the Democratic debates, it boils down to a giveaway attitude.

Why don’t citizens, who have retired or are still employed, give all non-working individuals all they need to live more comfortably. All we have to do is increase the taxes that we paid to earn our benefits. Lord help our children, who will never be able to get out of debt.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Attorney problems

I'm really ticked off at the "big name" lawyer that gets millions for his clients who look homeless.

Someone had an accident and is now disabled, but he dropped the case because he wouldn't get anything in settlement.

Shame on him!

Shame on the school board

The school board should treat our teachers better in Brevard County. Are they going to? I think they've proven that they are not going to. We are educating the future of American and look how they're doing it. It's basically dumping on the teachers and the students will get sub-par education.

Shame on the school board! Shame of the superintendent! Another matter I would like to address is school safety. Remember even if you have a cop, or armed guard in the school is still only one person. I don't understand why we can't have two points of entry and metal detectors. I think if we had those in place, schools would be a lot safer.

Politicians should fix domestic plights

I'm 75 years old and don't understand some of the objectives of many politicians. We have many human problems in our country so why not work to correct them?

Currently, they push issues that benefit illegals that are in our country and are trying to come in. They don't want to stop illegals from coming into our country and then give them free benefits that many U.S. citizens don't have.

How about all the homeless in our country? We have always had homeless. When I was young they were called hobo. I remember them coming up to our house and asking for food. My mother would make them a sandwich and then they would move on. The situation has changed for today's homeless.

Someone explain to me why politicians and others preach the protection of illegals/free benefits and not correcting human problems in our country?

State of strip-mined

Why is it that people move to Florida from a city or state that's been strip-mined and when they get here, they start the process all over again?

Iguanas are not evasive

It’s important to remember that animals like the iguanas and pythons “invading” Florida were once pets, dumped when the novelty wore off.

They are here through no fault of their own and should be dealt with humanely. Startling people and eating plants surely shouldn’t be a cause for a death sentence.

In general, iguanas want to stay away from you as much as you want to stay away from them. Make your property unappealing to iguanas. There are many plants and ornamentals that iguanas do not eat.

If you have fruit trees, don’t let dropped fruit stay on the ground. Make sure your screens are secure and undamaged; keep brushy areas where iguanas like to nest to a minimum. Hang cheap CDs as wind chimes from trees or prized plants (the reflective surfaces often scare iguanas away). Nonlethal deterrent sprays are available at hardware stores.

Living in harmony with free-roaming iguanas is possible without having to blast them to smithereens.

The swamp to drain

This is the swamp. There are 15 Secretaries of (Defense, State, Interior etc) and the D.O.J. The President is the Commander In Chief, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer and heads the administration of our government. When the Senate confirms the various Secretaries and the Attorney General, F.B.I. Director and ask if they will act independently of the President and in the interest of the American public they are expected to say yes, but in point of fact they report directly to the President and as AG Holder stated: I am the "wingman" of President Obama, and he was.

The "swamp" is not a bunch of rogue politicians.

The Swamp consist of federal employees in career positions (25/30 years) that will outlast politicians, establish regulations by themselves, implement policies that many politicians don’t even realize and follow senior managers (F.B.I. Director, C.I.A. Director, N.S.A. Director, etc) assuming that the highest level has given authority.

Are they bias? Why of course. We know this by where the money is being donated, we have the previous emails and firings. It didn’t take the radicals long in the 1970’s to understand to change things they had to get into the system.

Can Trump change this, not likely.

Completely appalled

I am appalled by the un-American and anti-American sentiment I see sweeping our country today.

Never would I have dreamed of day when patriotism is thought of in derogatory terms; when the U.S. flag would be labeled a symbol of racism; when the singing of the national anthem would be dishonored; when citizenship was no longer held in high regard. But what can you expect when liberal politicians, the liberal media and liberal professors in our colleges and universities and celebrities from Hollywood are espousing such views. Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" is despised by the liberals.

You never heard Obama talk about making America great! You never hear Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden talk about making America great! Everything they talk about: immigration, the economy, foreign policy is anti-American.

I have always loved the song "God Bless America", but I have difficulty singing it today'. How can we ask God to bless a nation that dis-avows Him and His laws and goes against everything our forefathers stood for, fought for and gave their lives for? Alexis de Tocqueville, the French statesman, said many years ago: "America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

How very true.

Unleashed dogs unleash problems

I watched a unleashed pit bull attack and kill one our neighbors dogs who walks her dogs on a leash everyday.

The dog ran down the street and attacked her dog. She got tangled up in one of the leashes of her dog as the pit bull bit and shook the neck of the smaller dog.

My wife intervened and tried to help. Luckily, she wasn’t bitten and other neighbors came to help. The owners dog had fleas and mange. This was the first attack. I had the misfortune of driving the lady to a animal clinic and watching the dog die in her lap.

Let’s face it, pit bulls are bred for one reason: to kill. Others, however, say they are loving and good with children. Many druggies use them as watch dogs. There should be a law that any dog that attacks another dog, or a human and causes injury should be put down. Period!

I was attacked and bitten two years ago and had to go to the hospital. Now, I fear any unleashed large dog.

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