RE: The evidence may not be credible

In my response to the response "The evidence may not be credible", debunking Ron Wyatt's work in the finding of the site of the crucifixion of our Savior, I appreciate their information. This makes for good debate.

The film shows the earth crack between the crosses and the cross-holes in the granite, plus the cave beneath the crosses provides honest, objective information. It is on film and I doubt very seriously that it is a fake. The blood sample taken from the seat of the Ark of the Covenant had to be analyzed by an independent lab and showed no father, just a mother's chromosomes. The lab did the work has to have a record of analysis.

You mentioned you checked on the credibility of Mr. Wyatt, perhaps you can check on the lab that did the blood analysis. Again, your input and response is very much appreciated and interesting to all readers.

Why's your lawn a driveway?

I would like to understand why the people in Titusville think it is alright to park all over their lawns?

Yes, it is their property but does the appearance of this mean nothing? I have seen totally empty driveways that would hold four vehicles and yet two cars are parked by the front door. The houses might not be first class but we can at least do small things to make them look better.

I have lived in several different places in Florida and other states and never seen this done.

RE: "Doctors office endless waits"

I agree with this rant. I too find doctors who are not running on time irritating, that said, I also appreciate when my doctor takes that extra time needed to spend with me thus holding up the next person.

To resolve this problem, they simply need to spread out their appointment times. I used to go to Health First and they only allotted 15 minutes per patient and always felt rushed. The other rant I have about both doctor and dentists offices are about their limited appointment times for working parents and kids in school. Many parents try to take advantage of early-release Fridays, but good luck trying to find an appointment after 12 p.m. when most offices close early.

Parents have to take off from work and pull kids out of school for appointments and follow-ups, many cannot do this. In fact. I find many doctor and dentist offices are impossible to get in on any day after about 3-4 p.m.

We are the reason they have lucrative practices and they should better accommodate us. In bigger cities many doctors offer one late night a week or one Saturday a month, there's no good reason why we cannot do this in Brevard.

Federal child abuse

Our government is treating the immigrant children they have in custody very close to the way that California couple treated 12 of their 13 children.

The Turpins got life in prison for imprisoning their kids, while not providing them enough food or allowing them to shower.

Thank you VA Outpatient

I would like to say “thank you” to the staff at the Viera VA Outpatient Clinic. We are very privileged to have this clinic and their surgeons in Brevard .

I am sorry to say it has been brought to my attention that we may lose the surgical departments from this facility. This would be a huge mistake. Can you imagine driving to Orlando after taking your gallon of medicine for a colonoscopy? There are no rest stops on SR528.

Eye surgery? Well good luck getting drivers to and from Orlando for those appointments. If this is something the Department of Veterans Affairs is planning then we need to fight to keep our surgeons at the Viera VA OPC.

Eliminate “brick and mortar” schools?

It appears that the school board has reached an impasse with the teachers union over pay. The school board position is that any wage increase must be taken from recurring funds.

The teachers have yet to use the word “strike” but if it doesn't happen this year it will certainly happen within the next few years. The question is can the school board ever get the necessary recurring funds that the teacher believe they deserve?

I believe the answer is no.

I believe that technology is the only way to resolve this funding problem. I am proposing that teaching in physical high schools should be discontinued and all the students of this age bracket, should be required to take their courses online - that is “home schooling", using computer applications .

The reduction in expenses would be major; no busing, no security requirements, and reduction in building maintenance.

From a social aspect it would eliminate school bullying, school disruptions, school starting problems, and require students to apply discipline in their lives in order to complete the course requirement for graduation.

Support local newspapers

Don’t close the casket and bury local newspapers yet! Ye naysayers of doom and gloom - readers want, need and love their local newspapers.

I urge readers of every local newspaper in every state, city and town to write a letter of support for their local newspaper. Dust off your duff and email a letter to your local editor.

Stories in newspapers connect neighbors - past, present, and future. Take some time out of your hurry-scurry day and communicate with your newspaper people. They need to know you care.

What else can you do? Pay for a subscription to your local newspaper. The staff and their families need to eat at least once a day.

Bus stop relocation a pain

I agree with the writer regarding lack of shelters at bus stops seeing very few, if any. However, let me say this as well, moving the bus stop from in front of Publix on Babcock Street to in front of Melbourne High School: is this wise? You have older riders many, with walkers, people with disabilities shopping at Publix. They now need to haul groceries and walk from Publix in Florida’s 90 degree plus heat using walkers and with no shelters at the bus stop.

If you want to stop the loitering with the homeless at the shopping center think of another way. Already many areas in the community have no benches to sit on. Think of the people this decision of moving the bus stop location affects, your mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Come up with a workable solution that doesn’t hurt a already vulnerable population.

Realize one day with an aging population you too might be waiting at the bus stop with groceries and no shelter in the very hot Florida sun.

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