Kindness with roadside assistance

Just west of South Patrick Drive, two wonderful gentlemen were kind enough to fill my flat tire with enough air so I could make it to the tire store.

I don't know their names but I wanted to thank them. I really appreciated their help. Hope you both read Hometown News so you will see this heartfelt thank you!

Save the Indian River Lagoon

I would like to state on how we can get the emergency deterioration of our Indian River Lagoon taken care of.

Of course they're trying to address the issue of septic tanks. It's a start.

It would take a very little bit to make an inlet just north of Patrick Air Force Base where that Mexican restaurant is. I can hit a golf ball from the beach to the river. It wouldn't take that much. Yes, it would take closing down A1A for a little bit, but it would help the Indian River. I know it's not the best answer, but it's a good answer for our estuaries.

Racism from the highest office

Ever go to a family get-together, or a party, and some loudmouth is saying things like minority people "they should go back" to where they came from? Gripe about how countries with a majority of people of color are full of “corrupt and inept” leaders? It can be pretty sad and embarrassing. It's racist.

Well, that was our President on Sunday morning basically telling four “Progressive” Democratic congresswomen (of which three were born in the USA) to go back where they came from, because “these places need your help, badly”, and because their country’s “governments are a complete and total catastrophe”.

He tweeted this out Sunday before heading off to another golf outing. That’s over 190 daytime visits to golf courses – all private - since he took office 30 months ago, at a cost of about $105M to taxpayers (

He is right when he tweeted “these places need your help, badly”. Those three American born congresswomen (and the rest of Congress) could do us all proud by cleaning up what has become the ugliest, meanest, most criminal, incompetent, unstable, racist administration - by a long shot - that I have seen in my 62 years in this proud land. Please, ladies!

The only way we will "Make America Great Again" is by getting this “moron” (Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s words) and his capitalist cronies out of the White House and by cleaning up the governance disaster that President Loudmouth has created.

Vulgar language on TV

How is it that bleeps have become replacements for simple Dialogue on our TVs. Do we feel like we are fooling our young people into believing these bleeps are not profanity? Even local news channels are picking up on this annoying sound as a means of communication. Bring me back to Gilligan's island please.

Dog park problems

Canova Beach Park, in Indialantic, was nice enough to allow a dog park, but now they are taking over the swimmers section. They're also allowing their dogs to go number two in the water and just looking the other way. I am not a dog hater. I have a dog. Their owners are to blame.

Please stay at the dog park where you and your dogs are allowed so we can enjoy the beach too.

'Shame on the school board' rebuttal

I don’t know who the author of the rant is, but think about what you would do if you were sitting there and they allocated X amount of money.

You and your board members would do the same thing that families do with the weekly/monthly pay check. They establish priorities and that is where the money goes.

Next, is your plan with two entry/exit points and metal detectors….much like they have at the Palm Bay Hospital in Malabar at the Medical complex with the rent-a-guard. So, a kid comes in with a shotgun and a handgun, what next? My guess is he would come in blazing away, much like they do now.

How about this, violent/disturbed students are removed from our schools, period. Teachers and students should not have to be victimized by vicious juveniles that should not be there to begin with, we are simply too tolerant with violent behavior.

I'm a realist like Trump

I hate the news media declaring Trump a racist. Trump and I are realists.

We know when facts are facts. We don't need more unskilled immigrants. Experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) believe that AI and robotics will eliminate 40% of unskilled labor jobs in a few decades.

Without opposition, millions more will try to cross illegally and plea for asylum. They won't be needed in technology-based job markets.

We need immigrants from countries that have better STEM education than America's school systems, where teachers can’t even teach Algebra.

South and Central American countries and African countries rarely have had the greatness of North American and Northern European countries, recognizing this is not racism. It is recognizing cultural differences too great to elaborate on here.

Trump’s "going back” statement was mean-spirited, but they want to destroy Trump. They will continue the war against him by attacking his staff and by continuing the Russian interference investigation, in spite of the fact that Mueller tried hard but couldn't incriminate Trump. I think Trump has been too nice until now and I hope he continues to blast these freshman.

They want to socialize our country, which has potential to turn us into a “bleep-hole country” like Somalia.

Public swimming pools

What’s with the two public swimming pools in Palm Bay and Melbourne? I heard they were closed to repair leaks. That ‘s what I heard in April. It’s now July. Is there a money problem? Contractor problem?Where are the children and adults supposed to go to cool off in this heat.

Every week I drive by the pools and see nothing being done. I can see the pools being shut down in the winter months, but come on, this is summer, and one of the hottest ones in a long time. Who is in charge of maintaining our public pools?

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