Service dogs a bit too much

There is a time and a place for everything. I believe a guide dog assisting a blind person is no problem, but a senior citizen bringing in their so called "service dog" into a doctor's office or a hospital waiting room is a bit too much. Especially, when the dog growls at you when you walk past them.

If the person needs a medical procedure does the dog accompany them to the operating room? My nephew is an Iraqi veteran, who lives in Montana, and will be visiting me this winter. He told me he could bring his service animal with him. We'll visit that same doctor's office.

I hope no one will object. It's an Alaskan Timber Wolf.

Blame for immigration problem

Congress is to blame! Obama put together a committee to resolve it (gang of eight) after some in Congress didn’t like his DACA decision and nothing happened.

Thank you Rubio! Speaker Ryan said they can’t pass comprehensive plan so they’ll pass it piece by piece; not one bill was introduced. Where’s E-Verify? Thank you Posey!

Trump declares an emergency and where’s Congress? Thank you Posey, Rubio and Rick Scott! Congress inaction has been dividing the country and enough is enough. Vote them out if they aren’t part of the solution!

The evidence may not be credible

This concerns the May 24 rant, "There is evidence", that cites the work of an archaeologist named Ron Wyatt. The rant states the information can be found at Does anyone believe this website will provide honest, objective information?

I checked out other sources and the consensus on the Internet is that Ron Wyatt was a fraud. According to Wikipedia, although Wyatt was noted for advocating almost 100 alleged Bible-related discoveries, “He has been dismissed by scientists, historians, biblical scholars, and other creationists.” To cite another source (of many), the Christian Courier website states, “His work has been debunked thoroughly by professional archaeologists and respected biblical scholars.”

I am not stating that our Lord never existed, but please do not cite the work of Ron Wyatt as proof that He did exist.

High school from home

The Florida Department of Education needs to begin implementing and advocating online learning for students to obtain a certified high school diploma.

If the technology infrastructure is there to obtain a college degree online from numerous universities, why not a Florida high school diploma? Kids today are so adept with technology that the idea of a physical classroom seems obsolete. But more importantly, they'd be safer at home than inside a school classroom.

If I had a child attending high school this fall and the ability to obtain a high school diploma via online learning was available, I'd have them learn at home full time until they graduated.

High praise for orchestra's finale

For those fortunate enough to secure a ticket for the final, sold out performance of Space Coast Symphony Orchestra’s 10th Anniversary season “ Cosmic Trilogy” , the concert was one to remember.

The pairing of these wonderful music selections, visual art and accomplishments of the NASA space program was stellar; putting the artistic genius, sensitivity and vision of artistic director, Aaron Collins, on full display. Mr. Collins premiered a work by renowned composer, Christopher Marshall; an exciting score lovingly narrated by Hugh Harris, which took us on a journey from”The Beginning of All Things” and left us in awe wondering what now is our “Destination.”

The second half of the program, narrated by George Diller, public affairs specialist for Kennedy Space Center ,used powerful composers Strauss, Holst and finally, softly, sweetly and delightfully, Dvorak. The accomplished, talented musicians connected the selections turning them into one brilliant work of art highlighted throughout by the remarkable solos of first trumpeter, Brian Urso.

Our souls were stirred with the excitement of all those that follow their hearts to bring us joy; composers, musicians scientists, seekers, explorers, lovers and dreamers. Gratefully, Maestro Collins surely is among these and will continue to take us with him.

Labels carry meaning

Conservare is Latin meaning aiming to preserve. Liber, Liberalis is Latin meaning free (man)

Labels are very interesting. They betray attitudes. Let’s say we call someone a “liberal, do-gooder". That term actually means one who advocates for freedom and aims to do the right thing. Is that a bad thing?

The opposite person would be one who denies freedom and sets out to do - the wrong thing (evil). So labels mean something. Do liberals and conservatives actually choose opposite goals? If so, one is aiming to “preserve" the old ways - a time when people believed in intolerance, servitude, classism, nationalism, privilege, separate male/female roles and status along with environmental ignorance, gender and racial superiority, low levels of education and religious intolerance.

If one promotes freedom, the right to decide one’s own path, tolerance, forward-thinking, equality, education, choice, and freedom of thought, then he would be “liberal”. Where do you stand?

Cut down on plastic by reuse

I completely agree that we have to cut down the use of plastics. However I find the answer to eliminating plastic bags a problem.

If we use cloth bags instead of the store bags, what do we put our garbage in? I reuse the Walmart and Publix bags for lots of things. I wrap breakable items in them that I wish to store, use them to deliver food that I make to friends and, most of all, I use them for my garbage. If the stores discontinue them, we will have to buy bags for the uses I have mentioned.

The same amount of plastic will be used, except that we will have to pay for what we now get free. People with large family's will have to buy lots of cloth bags, and will now have to purchase plastic bags to carry home in their cloth bags. I reuse plastic bottles that I purchased a while ago. I fill them with water from a Brita pitcher that I bought. I am also very big on recycling.

That's my take and I agree we have to cut back where we can, but not by buying the same thing we are now getting for free.

Beach pesticides ban a win

A great big thank you to the Satellite Beach government for banning all pesticides containing glyphosate.

We all want to have better water quality and this is just the first step. Great leadership. Thanks!

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