RE: Consider a vasectomy

This writer claims to have had a vasectomy many years ago….as did I and several of my co-male workers. However, and this is an important fact: we all had children, we all agreed that our family was the right size and had made a determination with our spouses that we were content not to increase the size of our family. Having met with clergy and sitting down with a doctor (both husband and wife) a serious decision is made.

This writer now wants us to believe the males of America now need to turn themselves into an army of neutered drones like the warriors in “Game of Thrones,” he is an idiot. And what do we do about the future? Oh, open borders, the illegal immigrants will be the new baby factories for America because the males of America cannot and will not accept the responsibility.

I just celebrated my wedding anniversary with the woman that I married in 1965, and have a son and daughter with. I never once considered all of the “fathers” role that this writer brought up and you know what, our friends are the same as we are and actually married to the same woman that we walked down the aisle with.

Regarding teacher pay...

When and if I meet a high school graduate, regardless of age, who can speak proper English, do simple math without a calculator, knows the facts of World War II and can show me where England is located, I will be out there with the biggest sign regarding teacher's wages.

RE: Teachers don't deserve a higher salaries

To last week’s ranter who proclaimed that teachers don’t deserve a higher salary, please stick to subjects in which you are knowledgeable.

You claim that teachers don’t even work a 40 hour week. If you had even the smallest bit of knowledge on this subject, you would have realized that this is a prehistoric, stereotypical claim that has long been debunked. Do you realize that any good teacher works far more than a 40 hour week? Their day does not end when the school bell rings and all the students go home. For many, another three to six hours of work still remain; correcting papers, writing down lesson plans, using their own money to shop for school supplies, etc.

Teachers are responsible for preparing the future of our country. A tremendous responsibility, wouldn’t you agree? And as far as you getting your so-called knowledge of the teaching profession from your brother, I must say you were poorly informed.

If he says that teaching was the “best part-time job” he ever had, then your brother more than likely was not a very good teacher. He sounds like one of the very few whose day ends when the bell rings. I would not have wanted your brother teaching my child.

Perhaps if you followed a teacher, most of whom are hard-working, caring professionals, around for a day, you would change your opinion of what they do and how well they do it.

Teachers deserve all the support we can give them.

RE: Women and children under attack

To the author, no, Alabama has not declared war against women and children. Let’s be clear: the Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973 ruled in favor of Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) v. Attorney General of Texas, Henry Wade (Wade) in the now famous Roe v. Wade decision affirming the Constitution protecting her liberty to choose to have an abortion, above the State’s right to regulate abortion.

Recently the firestorm started when the Virginia governor was videoed explaining that if a fetus survived an abortion there would be a discussion between the mother and doctor of what to do with the child while the child was alive on a table (i.e. does the mother want to have the child euthanize or keep the child).

For those on the “pro-choice” (pro-abortion) side of the discussion this meant that it was a woman’s decision of when to have a abortion up to the point of giving birth.

For those on the “pro-life” side of the discussion they wanted it to be a medical decision (i.e. heartbeat, 4/6 weeks, etc.) and some states set extreme standards knowing this would force it to the Supreme Court to make the ultimate decision.

Our country has always been split about evenly since 1973 when the decision was made, now it is time for the Supreme Court to step in. There is no shame being on either side of this but women should not be using abortion as a means of birth control. We passed this point decades ago.

Men don’t have to get a vasectomy to prevent pregnancy; it doesn’t stop the spread of disease anyway.

Unnecessary patrolling in Cocoa Beach

I have a concern about the Cocoa Beach Police Department vehicles. Every day I watch a police cruiser on I-95 driving from Palm Bay to Cocoa Beach.

This is truly fraud, waste and abuse of tax payer’s money. Replacing cruisers is expensive. Where else in Cocoa Beach are we overspending?

Can we get bus stop shelters?

Why do the people utilizing our public transportation system have to stand out in all kinds of weather with no place to sit? I see very few stops that have a shelter or bench? Why is this?

It's extremely disturbing to see people from all walks of life suffering to use the system.

Fed up with the Internet

I'm an older woman in her 60s and I am not adjusting very well to all this online stuff. I went to the mall, my favorite store was taken out. Little by little all the stores are closing.

Everyone just wants to sit of their butts and order stuff online; half the time you don't get the right stuff when you order. I don't like to wait for things either. I like to get it from the store.

They need to start going back to basics.

Wickham Road still a speedway

Automobiles are lethal weapons. Automobiles should be driven with care and attention. There are traffic rules, there are speed limits. Could we all abide by them somewhat?

I see just racetracks out there. My God, please, you could kill somebody. Slow down. Get off your phones. Put your turn signals on. Stop acting like Dale Earnhardt at Dayton.

Stop your nonsense, calm day and drive in nice safe way so we can live to see another day, especially on Wickham Road.

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