Lovebug tip

I have a suggestion for when the love bugs hit again. I spray Lysol turpentine cleaner on my car until it dissipates and then use a soft bristled bush to wipe them off. It's easy and it helps it look nice. I thought that might help someone.

Should I buy a Chevrolet?

While driving my Chevrolet, the brake and anti-lock brake system lights came on.

I took it to the local Chevrolet dealer and during the next three weeks I talked with the service adviser numerous times. They could not find the problem. They sent their mechanic to school for two days and he learned nothing. They called the district management and they were no help.

After three weeks I paid a very high bill for parts and labor and drove home only to find the brake and ABS lights still on and 18 gallons of my gas used. At home I called the General Motors company headquarters. They too were no help.

Should I buy a Chevrolet? Absolutely not! Why buy a vehicle that can't be repaired?

Consider a vasectomy

I know only too well that many young men dream of a life with the woman of their dreams that includes a lifetime of raising their happy family together. Too often, though, many find out too late that their dream has instead become a nightmare. Indeed, it is rare that the children you and your mate conceive together will still be living with both biological parents on their 18th birthday. It is far more likely that today’s “father” role will be reduced to child support payments, endless bickering and court dates. Should you dare to complain about this state of affairs, you will likely be admonished to shut up and “man up.”

This is something you need to think about before you become a father. I would suggest that a smart man would choose a vasectomy rather than go through a lifetime of needless misery brought on by a moment of passion. Having had a vasectomy many years ago, I have no regrets and highly recommend the procedure.

If you do consider a vasectomy, I strongly recommend you act sooner rather than later. Because of the recent intensification of our ongoing abortion debate, one of the side effects to this debate are the many legislative proposals that, if passed, would make vasectomies illegal. Act while you can.

Teachers don't deserve higher salaries

I am so sick and tired of Brevard county teachers complaining about not making enough money.

You knew what teachers made before you became one, why are you complaining now? Teachers do not work a 40 hour week and they only work nine months. Between weekends, holidays, personal, sick and vacation days, it is not even eight months. On top of that, they get healthcare and retirement.

Try working in the corporate world for a while and see how you will survive. You work a minimum of 40 hours. You work nights and weekends on the phone and computer. Vacation? Forget about it. Yep, you work then. Healthcare benefits and retirement, only if you are lucky.

My brother worked in the corporate world for 20 years until a life changing event made him change careers and he became a teacher. He said it is the best part-time job he ever had. He works hard on the weekends and the summer, and he gets so mad when teachers in his district start complaining about how hard they work.

He said every teacher should work in a real job and then become a teacher to see how really hard they work. He wants to wring their necks every time they complain.

Teaches should be given a raise

It's a disgrace that the Brevard County Public Schools that they cannot give their hardworking teachers a raise. What a disgrace.

It must just be utter contempt and corruption at this point. It's disgusting that we cannot pay these teacher what they should be paid. Who do you think educates the future of America? Preschool teachers need to be pay for, public school teachers are definitely underpaid, overworked and under appreciated by our superintendent and school board. Do you not understand? If you don't educate the future we're all in trouble. For the past 15 years it's been terrible.

Look yourselves in the mirror and pay our teachers.

Women and children under attack

Women and children seem to be under attack in America, especially in states like Alabama. What is wrong with people? Let me just say this, no one is "pro-abortion". I haven't heard one pro-choice person say they are "pro-abortion". It's called pro-choice for a reason.

But I guess a bunch of men and silly women are following in their footsteps of taking away women's rights again.

Women and children are under attack in America. We should be ashamed, speak up and help fight back.

RE: High school from home

Florida does have options for high school students to earn a diploma online. FLVS is just one of many.

Students can also earn their AA in high school with online classes through the college without ever having to earn a high school diploma. Thousands of home schooled students in Brevard have already taken advantage of this option in the past few decades.

Same old Trump bashing

We have watched/listened to the daily news for over two and a half years and it's the same old thing, and it appears the beat will not change.

Before our President won the 2016 election the attacks begun against him. When he won the election, the outcome wasn't accepted and still isn't. If you turn on the news, it's still hear the same old thing from the Democrat Party (and others). President Trump has yet to do anything that the Democrats agree on; no matter the positive improvement of the economy and the decrease of unemployment rate, among other things. He is known to stand behind his actions, something they can't deal with. He became a politician but has been, and still is, a business man. Every time President Trump takes a stand, in our country and abroad, the forces against our President sound off. Impeachment has been voiced over and over. Now, the Speaker of the House states she wants to see him in jail. This sounds good to the followers that don't know any different.

Among other things, this gives foreign dictators power. There have been influential persons (some holding government positions) that have spoke against our government over seas. Where are we headed?

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