New exercise stations a hit

New exercise stations are being installed in Sandpoint Park in Titusville.

Also, the paved walking trail is being redone. We don't know how much of the park is being improved but just seeing some improvement is more than welcomed!

Round-Up: an environmental concern

This Round-Up that people are using has a lawsuit against them and they are still selling it.

I can't figure it out. People, wake up! Wake up and take care of our environment. Think of what you use on our lawn that runs into our river and in our drinking water.

Please, do not buy Round-Up. It's very dangerous to your health.

Repeat business for car detailer

Having lived through current attacks of “Love Bugs” in Titusville, I sought a good detailing business. I came across Reid's Glass Tinting and Auto Detailing at 3760 S. Hopkins Avenue in Titusville.

The staff evaluated care and tools that quickly, and thoroughly, cleaned the finish with a “Like New” result. The cost fell within national averages. In less than a morning, I had a bright, clean finish and no bug bodies.

Reid’s has established repeat business from this customer. Look for the large sign and red roof on Hopkins Avenue.

Tougher laws for criminals

This is my opinion, in order to reduce terrorist crimes (within the USA) and the killing of first responders, the laws have to be changed to meet the crime.

Currently they get Constitutional rights protection and it take years to be sentenced. They are classified as a suspect, that's BS. They shouldn't have any constitutional right. They should lose there Constitutional rights due to the crime committed. These weak laws don't meet the crime. They aren't a suspect, they are a terrorist/killer. To meet the crime they should be isolated.

How about sending them to Guantanamo Naval Base, isolated shortly after the crime. Any interrogation should be done at Guantanamo Bay. Unless the punishment of the crime aren't changed the crimes won't be reduced.

As I stated this is my opinion - what do you think?

Don't blame the environmental little guy

Plastics are bad for the environment, but why am I the fall guy? Don’t villainize me every time an animal chokes on a straw or a wispy grocery bag.

I’m not the multi-billion dollar conglomerate forcing my terribly packaged products on consumers across the globe. It’s tough to hear that I am destroying the environment, I need to recycle more and use less, while major corporations do whatever they want. There are many eco-friendly alternatives out there, but businesses and companies refuse to cut their bottom dollar. I have yet to see a recycling facility or refuse bin that has been sponsored or paid for by major bottling companies, yet the facility's main purpose is to properly dispose of unwanted packaging created by these companies.

Every minute 1 million plastic bags are used along with 500 million straw. I recycle as much and as often as I can, but no matter how much I do, it will never be enough.

At some point you have to stop badgering the common consumer and fight the root of the problem.

More on religion

Wow! It's surprising to read so many Rants and Raves rejecting religion. Naysayers claim discrimination, childish superstition and phony concepts. So, why bother?

If there's no merit to religion, why not simply ignore it? Are the charges legitimate, or do deep thinking naysayers sniff out deceitfulness and predictably find it on their upper lip?

Christianity seems to be a chief culprit in the harangue. In a nutshell, Christians believe God sent Jesus Christ to teach fundamental principles for living. Jesus was also sacrificed in a gesture of redemption. Christians take comfort in the belief their failures and mistakes will be forgiven in a promise of final salvation. There is no discrimination. Believers are not excluded. Naysayers are not penalized. Believe it, or don't.

True enough, religion has traveled some dark and twisted paths, but a living deity, existing naturally, is the common theme. Believers think God exists in nature: much like wind, or rain or sunshine. They accept a natural law for living, which amounts to basic human decency. They welcome truth and justice when they find them.

Universal natural law is fundamental to American democracy – God's law, as the American founders expressed it. Believers embrace the idea of liberty. They resist the encroachment of insurrection. They know the road to tyranny is frequently paved with religious persecution. So, what's the problem? What do naysayers believe? What do they want?

Debate and conflict normally clarify, but intolerance is difficult to satisfy. Maybe we all have something to learn.

Palm Bay utility bill paper problems

Every customer that receives a paper bill from Palm Bay Utilities has to fold and rip off the bottom portion of the bill in order to mail it back to them with a payment check. This procedure would be easier if the perforated line aligned with a fold in the paper. The perforated line and the nearest paper fold is about a quarter of an inch apart, and the perforated line has to be folded in order to be removed. If Hometown News printed this rant, maybe somebody at Palm Bay Utilities would fix this annoying inconvenience.

Editors Note: The above submission was sent to the Palm Bay city manager and the following reply was received:

"Palm Bay Utilities Department has contacted the company that handles our utility bill mailings and they confirmed that the bills should fold along the perforated line. After looking into the issue, the company determined that some of their operators added an extra space to the bill template to ensure that our customers’ addresses were fully visible in the clear window on the envelope. This may have inadvertently caused some customers’ bills to become misaligned. They have made an adjustment to our billing form and the problem should be resolved. Thanks for letting us know.

Don’t forget that Palm Bay Utilities Department offers several ways to pay your bill. You can continue to pay by mail, but if that isn’t your preference you can also pay in person at City Hall or via phone by calling (321) 952-3420. You can also visit to pay your bill online or speak to one of our customer service representatives to set up automatic bank draft payments."

TV commercials are all the same

Sometimes I think that if it weren't for lawyers and car dealerships advertising, television would be commercial free.

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