Puzzled Youngsters

Thank you for including the sudoku puzzle in Hometown News. Youngsters now have a reason to open Hometown News, and it's fun for us adults who can't complete the crossword puzzle. But could you either print the sudoku answer in the following issues, or not at all?

The youngsters tend to give up too quickly and peek at the answer because they aren't used to having to actually think.

Raving about Rants

I love reading your Rants and Raves column, it's an insight into what my fellow readers are thinking. Many times I have found new and interesting reading.

I was glad I was sitting when I read last week's articles. My sides were split with laughter when I read whoever wrote that 'Ranting about Rants' letter. The first three paragraphs detailed how offended he/she was about 'crazies' and 'looney conspiracy theorists.'

Then reading on, I realized he/she actually was describing himself with his/her raving about our country and president. Amazing how blind people are when they criticize others for the same actions they do!

The second letter 'Adams, Jefferson and dissent' was most informative and educational. Proves there are readers out there who can see beyond our current dissension and hope we learn from the past. Although I taught U.S. history years ago - before I discovered in Dade County it was safer to be a law enforcement officer - I had forgotten about Adams and Jefferson and it was refreshing to rediscover this. It should be required reading for all those who seek public office.

Then maybe our government officials would remember it is okay to disagree, but put personal biases aside and act in the best interest of our nation.

Re: Ranting about Rants

The misguided and uninformed person who wrote “Ranting about rants” did not follow guidelines regarding making “libelous statements’’.

After 2 ½ difficult years of costly and constant ‘investigation’ of corruption, Mueller and his Democrat team of highly paid lawyers (pocketing millions of ‘our’ money), came up with NOTHING. Yes, Virginia, there are extremists' lies and then there are facts. It’s important to learn how to separate sound wisdom from stupidity and evil.

Wish paper would print pages of accomplishments president has enacted which strengthen American values, culture and economy, which is booming. He’s achieving more than other president in our lifetime.

If any president ‘destroyed from within,' it was our former one, who was accepted by radical leftists without an American birth certificate, with no credentials, and who lied continually. Name one ‘worthwhile’ accomplishment of past administration? Health care skyrocketed after Obama promised it would go down; and other lies. He gave billions of ‘our wealth’ to enemy countries who hate us. Obama delivered millions in cash to Iran!

What about Biden’s unlawful actions? Have you heard his recorded bragging about 'leveraging a billion dollars American money' to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating his son Hunter for crimes? After the prosecutor firing, Hunter was ‘magically' given a spot on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian oil, gas, energy giant. Hunter received millions of dollars, for years, though he didn't have any experience in oil, gas, energy, or any knowledge of Ukraine.

Notice how Hunter Biden has disappeared from media attention?. Democrats embrace double standard continually.

Did this rabid Brevard Democrat care about collusion and election fraud when he learned Hillary Clinton lied for years about phony Russian dossier, which even The New York Times now admits was fraudulent. Millions from George Soros and other evil people went into their offshore Clinton Foundation. Where’s that money now?

Corrupt Nancy Pelosi put Adam Schiff in charge of president’s impeachment inquiry. Corrupt Jim Comey put Peter Strzok in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation. There are no truthful, honest Democrats. A diversion from what Democrats are doing. Terrible situation for wonderful America. Some have lost loved ones who protected freedom. We’ve got to preserve our constitution and republic from leftists/socialists like that writer.

Turn off MSNBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and NPR. Listen to Fox News (John Solomon, great investigative reporting).; Read The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, NewsMax magazine and listen to talk radio WMMB, where you’ll get more truth than lies. Educate yourself and you’ll proudly vote for the sound leader we have in White House in 2020.

Re: Fuhrer’s playbook stolen

I wholeheartedly agree with the rant about the ‘Fuhrer’s playbook stolen’ with the obvious correction that it’s the Republicans that have adopted Hitler’s method, rather than the Democrats. The very first quote in the text describes the man in the White House to a T.

Re: Displeased with Desantis

I don’t care one way or the other about this governor, I only voted for him because the alternative wasn’t acceptable. The original author of this article needs to look up, not forward or backward.

Look up into a book and try to find some information. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your country. There is nothing wrong with having pride in your heritage. When the president is saying Make America Great Again it means different things to different people. President Obama was ashamed of America because he always associated it to the countries of Europe that had colonies, as was his home country to England. Yes, we did use the islands of the Pacific because at the time Japan was the super power of the Pacific and we needed ports to buffer their fleets. But when we freed Cuba from Spain we had no intention of occupying that island, it was free to determine their own destiny. Mexico was likewise when we deterred both Spanish and French dominance.

I can inform you about the 'children on the border.' Those children, for the most part, could very well be a part of the drug cartels' human trafficking and child sex trafficking and that is why we are doing the DNA testing that we are. It is critical we identify if the children are indeed related to who they say they are. Sex/human trafficking is a huge problem around the world and you are probably aware of this.

In the past we were just allowing a free flow of children into this country, even those that were branded with gang identities, knowing full well that they would link up with the gangs as soon as they cleared the border. This has to stop because this is not only a tragedy for the child being sold into the sex trade but it makes us a part of the cartel’s operation.

Hot Air and climate

Responding to 'Ranting about Rants,' I recommend you follow your own advice and next time support your diatribe with something more credible than your party’s agenda and mainstream media opinions. They stopped reporting facts years ago.

If you’d bother to check, climate change, while real - because it has been ongoing for billions of years - is not the result of humans. Swedish University proves that AGW has contributed only 0.01C of warming over the last 100 years. Most of the warming is controlled by low-level clouds, which are not correctly factored into IPCC models. These scientists aren’t funded to make their models match the global warming agenda; they use empirical data and employ a proven scientific process, not intentionally skewed models.

Think about it: In 1970 the scare was global cooling and an imminent ace age. Now it’s warming, and the earth as we know it will be gone in a dozen years! What garbage. Any reasonable person must realize that human activity in the last 200 years (Industrial Revolution was the most significant impact possibility) had no appreciable impact, so what are humans doing now that will end the world soon? Basically, nothing.

11 Questions

I keep reading opinions from people that rave about our current president being the best that has ever been. I might be missing something, but I don't see the data to support this. I have been taught to support all conclusions with data.

Is it the withdrawal from the climate agreement and lack of belief in the global red flags? Is it the destruction of our natural resources and reduction of our national parks? Is it the huge tax break for the wealthy and corporations? Is is the trillion dollar government deficit? Is it the interference in women's reproduction rights? Is it the great economy that takes two jobs to make ends meet? Is it the separation of children from their mothers at the border? Is it having your children work in the White House? I never worked anywhere where nepotism was allowed.

Is it the reality TV show entertainment drama on a daily basis? What am I missing? What has he done to improve our country? I don't see anything that has improved in the last three years. If anything, I have seen a decline in all areas. Unfortunately, the divisiveness that has been sown is a game with no winners.

Making a flash point

Fake News Flash: French president Emmanuel Macron has just arrived in the U.S. in a stated tour to campaign with 2020 Democratic hopeful Julian Castro. In a just-completed televised interview President Macron expressed his belief that Secretary Castro would make a wonderful president and he will be here in the U.S. for the next couple of days touring the nation with him.

Fake News Flash: Russian president Vladimir Putin, meeting in the U.N., has just completed a televised interview stating that he was supporting Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar in her run for President of the U.S.

Fake News Flash: Israeli president Reuven Rivlin has just announced from Tel Aviv that he will be leaving shortly to visit the U.S. to campaign with representative Tulsi Gabbard. He further stated he had always admired her record as a combat veteran and thought that she would make a great president.

Fake News Flash: German chancellor Angela Merkel, in a televised interview in Hamburg, has just announced her upcoming trip to the U.S. to campaign with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Real News Flash: Former President Barrack Hussein Obama is currently touring Canada in support of the re-election campaign of prime minister Justin Trudeau. Prime Minister Trudeau has been embroiled in controversy over his acting roles in “black face” and is hoping that President Obama can help in his re-election. Although the U.S. has a policy of not being involved in sovereign countries' politics, President Obama seemingly does not adhere to it.

Re: Yapping Dogs

At issue: In the second paragraph it is noted that the writer 'finds the Democrats on the television are annoying and they come across as dogs yapping for attention.'

My reply: The so called 'yapping dogs' are people (real Americans) speaking up for OUR CONSTITUTION! The writers options are: 1. press the mute button; 2. change the channel, 3 turn off the TV. In other words 'GIT OVER IT.'

Middle East Meanderings

Let's start with the facts about this latest debacle over a sound decision made by the President: Syria is a sovereign nation ruled by someone we don’t like.

ISIS has (in theory and probably) in fact been defeated and their 'homeland' destroyed.

We were the leading component of the military that achieved that accomplishment, and our strategic ally was the Kurds.

The Kurds were not fighting for their love of the Americans, they were fighting for the protection of their homeland, their families and their way of life. All of which would have been destroyed under ISIS control.

After World War II, boundary lines were established in the Middle East, dictated primarily by the British with no consideration of ethnicity or religion. Many of the conflicts that exist there now are because of these artificial boundaries.

Turkey has Kurds within their country designated as 'terrorists' because they believe that a part of Syria is a part of their country and want a certain 'claim.' This is the area that was discussed to be cleared of the Kurdish forces.

The U.S. has no authority to be in Syria unless Congress declares war against Syria. The belief that we should be there to preserve peace and calm in the area is unconstitutional. If in fact President Trump had simply stated that he was going to simply do what was just stated, he could be impeached.

President Trump has no authority under our constitution to invade and station troops to maintain 'peace and calm' in the area. That is what the U.N. is supposed to be designed to do, as they are a peace-keeping force.

All the generals who have come forward stating that President Trump has made the wrong decision are the very ones that President Eisenhower warned President Kennedy about: 'The military-industrial complex' that will lead us into war and keep us there.

Finally, as to the Kurds. President Trump suggested to them they should ally themselves to President Assad, assure Assad they would not attempt to overthrow his government, and would live peaceably within his country. They did exactly that.

Then they were to assure the Turkish president they would stay out of Turkey. The problem was both the Kurds and Turkey were dragging their feet on this. So the U.S. again had to intervene to set the stage, but it appears the guidelines have been set to remove the Kurds from the approved areas.

Unless invited to be there the U.S. cannot be in another Sovereign Nation unless we declare war.

Grand Parade of political opinion

Recently we have seen a host of politicians parade across our TV screens chanting that we need a military force within a sovereign nation which has not invited us into their boundaries. In fact, it is just the opposite, as they threatened us with war if we didn’t leave.

It seems these politicians had something in common, both parties, Republicans and Democrats. Both condemned the President for withdrawing a thousand special forces from Syria, leaving our beloved Kurds open for aggression from Syria (whom we hate) and Turkey (who is our NATO ally).

All I heard was criticism. But isn’t Congress the one that enacts laws, the very constitutional laws that authorizes the president to do the things that he can do? Well, yes. The only mechanism that he has now is an outdated Congressional Act against Terrorism enacted to authorize action into...get ready...Afghanistan.

Yes, this has never been updated from President Bush seeking the authority to go after Osama Bin Laden.Remember, we went into Afghanistan because the Taliban would not turn over Osama Bin Laden. But 10 long years later we killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. Now, what gave us the authority to be in Afghanistan? Oh yeah, ISIS and the Taliban had to be fought, rather than fight them here. But Afghanistan doesn't want to fight them, so we keep rebuilding Afghan forces, and they keep failing so we stay and stay and stay. If the Sovereign Country doesn’t want to defeat the terrorist, we can’t help.

Oh, by the way. The chant by the way is the oil fields in Syria have to be protected and not lost to ISIS. Does this sound familiar?

Presidents rubbing nickels together

This is in response to that rant about 'crazies writing in over and over again.'

That ranter just wanted to vomit out (editor's note: the writer of this rant likely meant to write 'regurgitate') information from purely propaganda sources. That ranter then goes on to spread lies about the president of the United states, stating he is the most corrupt president ever, and getting rich from it.

Clinton and Obama did not have two nickels to rub together before becoming president and are both multimillionaires after leaving office from their corrupt dealings with some of the biggest crooks and traitors in the country. They now badmouth the president for some of his policies, especially about immigration where their policies and statements were exactly the same as his when they were in office. They speak out of both sides of their mouths. So don't complain about others spreading lies when you do the exact same thing.

King of refreshment

To the person who said how refreshing it is that king Trump hasn't talked out of one corner of his mouth and done something else with the other corner.

What about Mexico paying for the wall? Who is, we and the military? What about the best healthcare, what side of his mouth did that come from?

Trump was a dictator, now he's a king. It's his way or no way. If it is true, Trump says it's false. Try watching something other than Fox. Or listen to Sherpard Smith rather than Hannity. King trump is a disgrace and his base is blinded by him and Fox.

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