Let's be OK with different viewpoints

The Viewpoint Rants & Raves column seems to have devolved into a bickering of the left and the right. We have friends and sometimes family members deeply divided over politics.

It wasn’t always this way. It seems as little as three or four years ago things were normal, or at least more normal, than they are today. We need to look back about three years ago and see what changed to put people at each others throats.

Once we can identify what that was, maybe we can figure out a way of working to eradicate the source of that turmoil, compromise, and get back to some sense of normalcy where people are civil to each other once again.

That is the path to making this country progress forward.

"Babcock Road still a mess" response

Regarding "Babcock Road still a mess" in the Nov. 15 issues, Babcock is a county road, but all the businesses on either side are in Melbourne and pay their taxes to Melbourne.

The county is required to maintain the road, not repair it. And if there is not enough money in the county road budget, that is what the county is forced to do. It would require Melbourne to share some of the tax money with the county with the distinct purpose of repairing that street. Since some improvements have been made in the past few years, I think that may have happened.

With all the new and expanding businesses at the Melbourne airport, they would be very wise to make the streets around the airport very easy to travel on.

The laws of marijuana

I am not writing this article to defend the profession of which I know very little.

Attorneys have always taken cases to defend what they may object to for the very simple reason that “Lady Justice” dictates that everyone deserves a fair trial.

During Prohibition there was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933. There were attorneys on both sides of this issue.

We are a country of litigation; we have more attorneys than the rest of the entire world combined.

The lawsuits against the four largest U.S. tobacco companies entered into an agreement known as “The MSA”. How many lawyers would you guess participated?

The Marijuana Industry currently is the cigarette industry back in its infancy. The answer to your question is YES, they are doing it for the money.

Years from now, they will once again do it for the money when they bring the very same companies and CEO’s/CFO’s into court to account as they did the Tobacco Industry.

The lawyers will have had no stake in the growing, harvesting, selling. They will make their money in the courts as always. The users, if they honestly think giving themselves over to any drug is the way to live, well…

Exemption for lack of healthcare

I lost my 14 year (professional) job due to health issues. I then proceeded to cash out (including fines) my 401k in attempt to maintain health insurance for my family through Cobra. It didn't take long for the savings or the health insurance to run out. I am now in process of obtaining disability but that will not bring health insurance. I had to take early social security. Our total combined income now is $54,000. It used to be almost twice that..... I heard a Louisiana senator say people in his state earning less than $25,000 are paying fines for not having healthcare. This confused me. I imagine it may vary from state to state but THERE IS an EXEMPTION from healthcare because we have earned income but cannot afford health insurance. (Weren't fortunate enough to have government jobs!) HEALTH COVERAGE EXEMPTIONS IRS FORM 8965! (You can easily printout from IRS website.)

You can file retroactively. Medical expenses are the number ONE cause of BANKRUPTCY.....God bless America!

Florida golf

Golf, a walk in the Sun chasing a round pellet, that won't listen, is directionally challenged, finds unusual path interruptions during it's flight and will stop to chat with an alligator if the occasion occurs. Over age, over weight, muscle memory not what it was 10 years ago, somehow yesterday, the Magic returned and I had an enjoyable round. Being with good friends to share the good and sometimes horrible keeps us returning to God's little acre of mental horror and amazing serenity. At the end of the day and you remember the 150 yard Island green par three where you stuck it 30 inches from the cup after watching the Ginty play the exact shot you were hoping to hit, Priceless! Gotta love Florida Golf

Does anyone know who the Speech Police are?

Who determines what can be said and what can not.

Very often it is reported that some notable person has said something that is not considered politically correct.

Many times the person is a television personally,their sponsors flee, they are condemned by the NEWS media.

I wonder what would the sponsor's or the NEWS media's defense be if the person took them to court.

It would be interesting to hear what a sponsor or NEWS outlet would answer if asked by an attorney ,who determined that my clients speech was incorrect?

Maybe then we would find out who the Speech Police are.

Do snowbirds bring more trash?

For the third year I have noticed that there is a very significant increase in the number of recyclables (plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans) on the side of our roads after November 1st. This situation continues until May of the following year.

Coincidence that it is related to the influx of folks coming to our area for "season"??!?

Most of these highly recyclable materials end up on our storm drains, which flow into our area rivers.

There is no area in greater need than Florida, with our waterways and tourism, of a mandatory deposit on recyclable bottles and cans.  Put a value on "trash" and it will disappear overnight, or at least we will raise the revenue to clean it up.

What happened to respect?

Where has respect for your neighbor gone? Driving or parking in the grass along ones property leaves ruts and takes away from the properties appearance. If you live on a corner, you can bet your corner will be constantly damaged by irresponsible drivers not knowing how to properly make a turn. AND, how about neighbors walking their dogs or allowing their dogs to run free and crap in your yard? Respect is just a word unless it is shown by ones actions.

Next time, look away

I moved to Vero Beach from North Texas. There dogs are allowed almost every where. Not in Vero Beach. I get it but we bring our dog with us almost everywhere. I understand watching a dog poop is not nice. I guess where you were eating dogs were not allowed. And you state you were 20 feet from where the dog relieved himself, and you could smell it? And as all people do not bring "religion" into everything. You can complain here but not the guts to say anything to the dog owner. That is the problem with this world now, everyone can say what they please behind the scenes. We all have options, bet as the saying goes we all have behinds, but we don't want to see them.

Have the guts to say something or keep your mouth shut. Where is your respect!!!!

Next time look away.

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