NBA drops ball in China

What a mess in China this month when the NBA was over there. Think it was an embarrassment for everyone, especially for the players, who refused to speak up against the atrocities happening over there. Feels like everybody sold out for big money and sneaker contracts.

Questioning Code Enforcement

Whatever happened to no Boats or Cars without license plates and R/V's being parked in driveways?

When I moved to Port Orange in 1995 they enforced this. Too many new people moving here have been breaking this rule. I guess the town doesn't care or is code enforcement closed?

Ranting about rants

Week after week I read the ignorant raves of people writing in, spouting fears that our country is now a socialist or communist nation.

I believe Brevard schools are some of the best in the state and find it hard to believe these people are products of that system. Is it just a few crazies writing in over and over or is Brevard full of loony conspiracy theorists?

People need to read and view information from multiple credible news sources. The letters I’m seeing vomit information from purely propaganda sources. Talk about communism… Open your eyes and ears!

Yes, we have a president who is the most corrupt one ever put in office. He is selling out America, our troops, our allies and destroying our country from within. At the same time he is making himself rich from foreign governments and our taxpayers, while he is enriching his family who have been given power in our government with no credentials.

Believe our military generals. Believe career professionals. They know what it takes to keep our democracy going and speak the truth of the horror they see happening under this administration. If Putin keeps getting everything he’s ordering we will be a communist nation.

And yes Virginia, there is such a thing as climate change.

Teacher salaries

As a retiree with no students left in schools in Brevard County, and on a set income, I FULLY support raising teachers’ salaries substantially.

Brevard Public Sschools (BPS) has two of the top schools in the nation, Edgewood and West Shore. Those schools are populated by students from outstanding elementary schools.

It is ludicrous the BPS board is fighting against the magistrate’s findings over a few dollars which Brevard County teachers so justly deserve. We need new, non-draconian members on the school board. I’m asking the citizens of Brevard County to vote out all members of the board, and perhaps vote out the old fuddy-duddies in the district offices.

It is high time BPS joined the 21st century. Raise teacher salaries in relationship to the excellent work they do for our children and grandchild

Raves and yapping dogs

Thank you for your newspaper; the

Hometown News is always informative and entertaining and you always present both sides. I don't always agree with some, but I truly love your paper and that I get to hear both sides of the argument.,

Also I find the Democrats on the television are annoying. They come across as dogs yapping for attention. Anyway, thank you for your informative paper.

Adams, Jefferson and dissent

We are now a country of dissenters. We are in the middle of a 'blood lust' of pure hatred that has never been seen before in the history of our country.

A political party has been determined to remove a duly elected President even before that President had been sworn it.

But our country was born with dissension. Our first Vice President John Adams, later our second president, was a Federalist. Federalists would evolve into the Republican party. When Adams became president, his VP would be Thomas Jefferson, who later would become the third president of the U.S.. Jefferson was a Democratic Republican and would be the founder of the Democratic Party.

Both Adams and Jefferson were dynamic personalities and had talents vitally important to establishing out nation. Without them our country may not exist. Their views had to be compromised but not their beliefs, and that is the difference. Let me be clear they totally disliked each other.

When their political lives were over they became the dearest of friends and actually wrote to each other on their death beds. Does this sound familiar?

Although politically dissimilar, didn’t presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton become close friends and bring George W. into the fold?

But now we can’t wait until politicians decide to retire and fade away to cool down. Today the nation is inflamed, separated: old, young, rich, poor, white, nonwhite, every minority and ethnic group, male and female. We are heading to a point of political civil war which is a crazy and insane idea. Where we used to have discussions over differences we now have violent demonstrations.

Re: Miracle Airplanes

Miracles? Whether you believe in miracles or not, these people are doing something to help the Bahamas.

Remember the Miracle on the Hudson.  There was no Jesus co-pilot just a guy named Chesley Sullenberg who had trained and worked hard for emergencies who saved the day.  No miracles just training and skill.

 If God exists and he cannot protect little kids from being sexually abused by his representatives in his place of worship, what good is he?

Re: Leave Causes to Adults


To the author of last week's nonsensical and rambling rant about 'Leaving causes to adults,' I urge you to go back to school and learn your history. Keep Greece and their democracy out of your mouth. If not for the Greeks, today you would be speaking Arabic and would be a Muslim. Your letter was all over the place, without a central viewpoint.  It's wonderful (yet sad) to read your ignorance. Your fearless leader would be so proud.

King of refreshment

To the person who said how refreshing it is that king Trump hasn't talked out of one corner of his mouth and done something else with the other corner.

What about Mexico paying for the wall? Who is, we and the military? What about the best healthcare, what side of his mouth did that come from?

Trump was a dictator, now he's a king. It's his way or no way. If it is true, Trump says it's false. Try watching something other than Fox. Or listen to Sherpard Smith rather than Hannity. King trump is a disgrace and his base is blinded by him and Fox.

Re: Electoral College

It’s pretty obvious you know nothing about the Electoral College and just say the talking points of the Democrats with the popular votes.

The founders obviously knew this system dates backs to Germanic Law and was used widely through the 1800s. They knew the first Democracy, Greece, having the popular vote, was chaos incarnate and had no intention of replicating that.

Where was the population base in the U.S.? The northeast, we were an expansionist country; all of our new states were never going to be populated for many years after forming.

So, our founders formed a constitutional republic with an electoral college to prevent the heavily populated cities of the northeast from dominating the politics of their time. Did it work?

Let’s deflate your argument with real statistics that the Democrats don’t want to talk about.

The electoral college is established by our constitution.

The individual states and political parties establish the rules and regulations under which the electoral college will operate. If you don’t like it, get active in your political party and/or government.

Of course the delegates to the electoral college are based on our politicians; we elect politicians to represent us in Congress.

But this is where my ballot does count, whether I am in a voting booth in Melbourne or in Texas. So, I cast my ballot for my candidate (we are voting for our state’s electors at the same time). That is why I go to the ballot box, I want my candidate to win so that the delegate votes for my candidate, not yours.

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