Local telephone scam alert
Please be aware that there is a new telephone scam. It is claiming to be from FPL, warning that because of an unpaid bill your power will be turned off in 30 minutes unless paid immediately.
 The message is worded in such a way as to appear legitimate, asking the recipient to call a 1-888 number to resolve this  issue.
This is another scam trying to get money from unsuspecting FPL customers, and, I suspect, aimed primarily at senior citizens. Do not pay these people. FPL would never shut off power with only a 30-minute notice and no account followup.
Führer's playbook stolen
    While doing my cryptocript puzzles I ran across this quote by Adolph Hitler, which reads 'By means of shrewd lies repeated incessantly, it is possible to make  people believe that Heaven is Hell and Hell is Heaven.'
It seems to me that the Democrats have taken a page out of Hitler’s playbook and have been using it for at least three years in their efforts to unseat, and now  to impeach, President Donald Trump.  While all this going on, he has still managed to do an awesome job for the American people.
Think what he could accomplish if he had the backing of congress. It is the Democrats who are behaving like Hitler! 
More on China and freedom
I am a senior here in Brevard County,  and I read the recent rants, and the woman who wrote her long rant about China being a free country is so wrong. Where is this woman from? She needs to find out which country she is living in! Trump is the best thing this country has ever had, after eight long bad years. Trump is bringing our country back in a godly way. That woman who was ranting about China being freer than the United States needs to inform herself with other sources of news. I really feel bad for her. I am proud to live here in this country and in Brevard.
Cult of Personality
Reading submissions comparing our president to the son of God being crucified, and other defenses, I realize how and why there is so much division in our country.
This president represents himself as the 'only one who can fix' anything. He bullies, he lies and he betrays our national values.
 He represents the portion of our country that are traitors to our constitution.  He has belied his oath of office to our constitution.
 He's not a president, he's a wannabe dictator. So of couse there is a split. Those of us who love our country, respect the rule of law, value free press and the framework of equal branches of government, and those who worship at the altar of a personality.
The Great Divider
This rant is in response to some who feel the need to praise a president who I call The Great Divider.
 This president has proven time and time again he knows how to rant and rave like a mad man; how to lie with impunity; commits adultery; welcomes foreign governments to sabotage our elections; admires dictators; abandons our allies; and denigrates our FBI, CIA, any whistleblowers, our generals, and the free press. The president seems hell-bent on destroying our Constitution and the rule of law. We need a unifier, not a divider, someone who does not bully or cause havoc as a modus operandi.
How, pray tell, can any American with a love for their country continue to support such an individual? It is beyond my comprehension. If any president in the history of our great nation deserves to be Impeached and removed from office, it is the one who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Longer Division
I really don't need Senator Rubio or Senator Scott to tell me that impeachment is a serious, divisive matter.  I already know that.
 What I want them to know is that this president has lied to this country more than14,000 times since he took the oath of office.  This is the same oath of office he has neglected to uphold in any way, shape or form.
 He has been trying to make America white again, not great.  We have always been great.  We have had issues as any entity does, but never before have we tried to ban anyone from entering this country because of their color or their religion like this president is doing.  He is doing everything in his power to do what his dictator buddies want.  He is destroying our relationships with our allies and cultivating relationships with dangerous, hate-filled dictators.
He has thrown our allies, the Kurds, to the wolves, giving Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran full reign over our loyal allies.  No one is ever going to trust this country's word again after this.
I want the tapes of the phone calls that were hidden in the top secret computer turned over to Congress. Trump is undermining our democracy and that, Senator Rubio and Senator Scott, is a serious, divisive matter. He must be held accountable.

Simplifying the inquiry
 This impeachment inquiry is simple. Trump personally asked a foreign country (Ukraine) to investigate a political rival (Biden), bypassing lifelong diplomats and having Giuliani do the dirty work. Giuliani then went through people who have either been jailed (Parnas and Fruman) or are wanted in the US for illegal activity (Furtash).
  Suspiciously, while this was going on, Trump personally ordered $400 million in aid to Ukraine withheld, as well as withholding a meeting with the Ukrainian President. 
As a country, we have to ask:  Do we want foreign money coming in to influence our election, and a president getting help from a foreign country for help in a the election?  If a Democrat president would have done this, you better believe Republicans would be calling for investigations just the same.  If you say otherwise, congratulations on contributing to why this country is so divided.
  One day, both Republicans and Democrats are going to realize that we are stronger if we are united and try to find common ground and compromise.  We look to our leaders to show us the way.  One day in the future, when they do, our country will be in a better place.
Making a flash point
     Fake News Flash:  French president Emmanuel Macron has just arrived in the U.S. in a stated tour to campaign with 2020 Democratic hopeful Julian Castro.  In a just-completed televised interview President Macron expressed his belief that Secretary Castro would make a wonderful president and he will be here in the U.S. for the next couple of days touring the nation with him.
     Fake News Flash:  Russian president Vladimir Putin, meeting in the U.N., has just completed a televised interview stating that he was supporting Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar in her run for President of the U.S.
     Fake News Flash:  Israeli president Reuven Rivlin has just announced from Tel Aviv that he will be leaving shortly to visit the U.S. to campaign with representative Tulsi Gabbard.  He further stated he had always admired her record as a combat veteran and thought that she would make a great president.
     Fake News Flash:  German chancellor Angela Merkel, in a televised interview in Hamburg, has just announced her upcoming trip to the U.S. to campaign with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
     Real News Flash:  Former President Barrack Hussein Obama is currently touring Canada in support of the re-election campaign of prime minister Justin Trudeau.  Prime Minister Trudeau has been embroiled in controversy over his acting roles in “black face” and is hoping that President Obama can help in his re-election. Although the U.S. has a policy of not being involved in sovereign countries' politics, President Obama seemingly does not adhere to it.

Middle East Meanderings
     Let's start with the facts about this latest debacle over a sound decision made by the President: Syria is a sovereign nation ruled by someone we don’t like.
     ISIS has (in theory and probably) in fact been defeated and their 'homeland' destroyed.
     We were the leading component of the military that achieved that accomplishment, and our strategic ally was the Kurds.
     The Kurds were not fighting for their love of the Americans, they were fighting for the protection of their homeland, their families and their way of life.  All of which would have been destroyed under ISIS control.
     After World War II, boundary lines were established in the Middle East, dictated primarily by the British with no consideration of ethnicity or religion.  Many of the conflicts that exist there now are because of these artificial boundaries.
     Turkey has Kurds within their country designated as 'terrorists' because they believe that a part of Syria is a part of their country and want a certain 'claim.' This is the area that was discussed to be cleared of the Kurdish forces.
     The U.S. has no authority to be in Syria unless Congress declares war against Syria.  The belief that we should be there to preserve peace and calm in the area is unconstitutional.  If in fact President Trump had simply stated that he was going to simply do what was just stated, he could be impeached. 
     President Trump has no authority under our constitution to invade and station troops to maintain 'peace and calm' in the area.  That is what the U.N. is supposed to be designed to do, as they are a peace-keeping force.
     All the generals who have come forward stating that President Trump has made the wrong decision are the very ones that President Eisenhower warned President Kennedy about: 'The military-industrial complex' that will lead us into war and keep us there.
      Finally, as to the Kurds. President Trump suggested to them they should ally themselves to President Assad, assure Assad they would not attempt to overthrow his government, and would live peaceably within his country. They did exactly that.
     Then they were to assure the Turkish president they would stay out of Turkey. The problem was both the Kurds and Turkey were dragging their feet on this. So the U.S. again had to intervene to set the stage, but it appears the guidelines have been set to remove the Kurds from the approved areas. 
     Unless invited to be there the U.S. cannot be in another Sovereign Nation unless we declare war.
Grand Parade of political opinion
     Recently we have seen a host of politicians parade across our TV screens chanting that we need a military force within a sovereign nation which has not invited us into their boundaries. In fact, it is just the opposite, as they threatened us with war if we didn’t leave.
     It seems these politicians had something in common, both parties, Republicans and Democrats. Both condemned the President for withdrawing a thousand special forces from Syria, leaving our beloved Kurds open for aggression from Syria (whom we hate) and Turkey (who is our NATO ally).
     All I heard was criticism.  But isn’t Congress the one that enacts laws, the very constitutional laws that authorizes the president to do the things that he can do?  Well, yes.  The only mechanism that he has now is an outdated Congressional Act against Terrorism enacted to authorize action into...get ready...Afghanistan.
  Yes, this has never been updated from President Bush seeking the authority to go after Osama Bin Laden.Remember, we went into Afghanistan because the Taliban would not turn over Osama Bin Laden.  But 10 long years later we killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. Now, what gave us the authority to be in Afghanistan? Oh yeah, ISIS and the Taliban had to be fought, rather than fight them here.  But Afghanistan doesn't want to fight them, so we keep rebuilding Afghan forces, and they keep failing so we stay and stay and stay.  If the Sovereign Country doesn’t want to defeat the terrorist, we can’t help.
     Oh, by the way. The chant by the way is the oil fields in Syria have to be protected and not lost to ISIS. Does this sound familiar? This is the new chant by the military/industrial complex, because there is just far too much money involved.
     For sports fan: NBA backs China against Hong Kong protest.  Did this surprise anyone?  It did me.  Shocked me until it was divulged that it was all about basketball shoes.  Money coming to the NBA here, shoes being made and sold in China to a population of a billion and a half.
     Money, money, money. It’s all the same to industry…sports or war.
Re: Teacher salaries
As a retiree, also with a set salary, I have an interesting question for the author of the article about teacher salaries.
Every year we may or may not receive an increase in our (my spouse and I) social security. That is the cost of living the federal government has determined through some magic formula that we may or may not receive.
Rather than the school board hassle with the school teachers union and the teachers - and that seems to be the only thing that I read about in The Hometown News - why aren’t they just providing them with the very same thing that we receive, i.e. the cost of living increase determined by the Federal Government?
In my working life I have been employed by the military, the federal government and many companies.  Virtually every year I received a cost of living increase.
You of course would argue that is an insane idea. I would argue that every state and county/city employee should receive the same as I did.  Why should they not receive the very same as my wife and I are not now receiving:  a cost of living increase, we paid in all our working life to social security? Why are they different, unique from us or you?
Why should the school board be fired for doing what we want them to do, economize and use the tax payer dollars wisely?
Presidents rubbing nickels together
This is in response to that rant about 'crazies writing in over and over again.'
 That ranter just wanted to vomit out (editor's note: the writer of this rant likely meant to write 'regurgitate') information from purely propaganda sources. That ranter then goes on to spread lies about the president of the United states, stating he is the most corrupt president ever, and getting rich from it.
Clinton and Obama did not have two nickels to rub together before becoming president and are both multimillionaires after leaving office from their corrupt dealings with some of the biggest crooks and traitors in the country. They now badmouth the president for some of his policies, especially about immigration where their policies and statements were exactly the same as his when they were in office. They speak out of both sides of their mouths. So don't complain about others spreading lies when you do the exact same thing.
 King of refreshment
To the person who said how refreshing it is that king Trump hasn't talked out of one corner of his mouth and done something else with the other corner.
 What about Mexico paying for the wall? Who is, we and the military? What about the best healthcare, what side of his mouth did that come from?
 Trump was a dictator, now he's a king. It's his way or no way. If it is true, Trump says it's false. Try watching something other than Fox. Or listen to Sherpard Smith rather than Hannity. King trump is a disgrace and his base is blinded by him and Fox.
Re: Electoral College
It’s pretty obvious you know nothing about the Electoral College and just say the talking points of the Democrats with the popular votes.
The founders obviously knew this system dates backs to Germanic Law and was used widely through the 1800s.  They knew the first Democracy, Greece, having the popular vote, was chaos incarnate and had no intention of replicating that.
Where was the population base in the U.S.?  The northeast, we were an expansionist country; all of our new states were never going to be populated for many years after forming.
So, our founders formed a constitutional republic with an electoral college to prevent the heavily populated cities of the northeast from dominating the politics of their time. Did it work?
Let’s deflate your argument with real statistics that the Democrats don’t want to talk about.
The electoral college is established by our constitution.
The individual states and political parties establish the rules and regulations under which the electoral college will operate. If you don’t like it, get active in your political party and/or government.
Of course the delegates to the electoral college are based on our politicians; we elect politicians to represent us in Congress. 
But this is where my ballot does count, whether I am in a voting booth in Melbourne or in Texas.  So, I cast my ballot for my candidate (we are voting for our state’s electors at the same time).  That is why I go to the ballot box, I want my candidate to win so that the delegate votes for my candidate, not yours.

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