BREVARD COUNTY — Residents tired of waiting for a doctor’s visit that is brief and doesn’t answer all of your questions are in luck. A new practice is accepting patients that treats each individual with respect to their time, and offers a comprehensive service from an experienced physician.

Dr. Robert Udell D.O. has been treating Brevard residents and visitors for 20-plus years, and now has decided to offer concierge medicine in his Merritt Island office to those who need more one-on-one time with the doctor.

“Concierge medicine is a concept that’s just evolving over the last 10 years,” Dr. Udell said. “It involves having your own private physician at your beck and call 24/7. I can spend more time with people and I don’t bill insurance.”

Dr. Udell has worked in the Cocoa Beach community for 16 and a half years, he then became a hospital-based physician. He is board certified in internal medicine, has held teaching positions, worked in a VA outpatient clinic and an underserved health care clinic in an inner city environment to fulfill a public service obligation.

A further benefit to visiting Dr. Udell is that due to his time working as a hospitalist at Rockledge Regional Medical Center, he can admit patients to hospitals he has partnered with, which he added is unusual for most concierge physicians.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get them better and to meet their goals,” Dr. Udell said. “I really like taking care of people and I don’t like to disappoint anyone, so I will go as far as I have to in order to improve their health.”

While the average office visit is 10-15 minutes per patient, Dr. Udell prefers to get to know each individual who comes under his care. He offers a free 30-minute consultation, during which time Dr. Udell can explain his practice concept and see if it makes a good fit for a client’s needs.

“The first visit after the patient signs up is about two hours to become familiar with them and their medical issues, and also to review all their medical records,” Dr. Udell said. “I want to take care of a group of people comprehensively and continue to enjoy what I like to do in medicine. My goal is to have a really nice, comfortable practice where my patients are extremely well cared for.”

Dr. Udell offers wellness and preventative medicine in addition to healthcare management and routine checkups.

While Dr. Udell doesn’t accept insurance plans, his rates are designed to be affordable for patients. Patients can pay for a membership on a monthly basis or annually.

Dr. Udell’s office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Additionally, Dr. Udell is available to patients 24/7, and can be reached on his personal cell phone.

Dr. Udell’s office is located at 255 N. Sykes Creek Parkway, Suite 101, Merritt Island.

For more information, call (321) 338-7885 for a free consultation or visit

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