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Justin Robertson, co-owner of 321 Cabinets, can help you with your cabinet needs. All of its newer cabinets are made in Melbourne.

BREVARD COUNTY — For nearly 50 years, 321 Cabinets has been offering high-quality products since it first opened its doors to the public.

Last year, the family-run business switched to producing its cabinets in Melbourne rather than importing from China.

Co-owner Justin Robertson has been involved with the company since he was 13 years old by sweeping floors. Since officially working under his father, Doug, at 16, Justin’s expertise has grown to production and design.

“I enjoyed the hands-on experience,” Mr. Robertson said. “I assembled cabinets for five or six years, and being able to play with it and create something new was always interesting.”

321 Cabinets offers more than 10 colors in different styles. The Moscato miter recessed panel and the Sycamore miter shaker cabinets have been among the more popular cabinets residents have purchased lately.

Customers can also come to 321 Cabinets for door moldings, stair banisters, trim, interior doors, scratch and dent, DIY stain kits, completed cabinets, building materials and hardware.

After picking up on the trend of modern glossy cabinets in bigger cities such as Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa, 321 Cabinets is now offering multiple gloss options. What’s also popular at the moment are the shaker white cabinets and glossy-styled slab doors.

“We’re manufacturing everything as a plywood cabinet, which is the best form of cabinet you can make,” Mr. Robertson said.

Customers looking for a do-it-yourself approach can purchase raw doors to stain or paint themselves. 321 Cabinets has two styles of raw doors customer can choose from.

Every few months, Mr. Robertson said his father drivers to North Carolina to pick up a trailer full of wood, such as maple, walnut and cherry. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a unique opportunity for customers to get creative with their furniture.

“There’s no two pieces alike,” Mr. Robertson said. “One woman came in with her contractor and bought multiple pieces of walnut to have him make one-of-a-kind cabinet doors.”

321 Cabinets can deliver your order to your door and recommend local businesses its worked with to install your cabinets.

Customers will find in 321 Cabinets speedy service with employees who care about making their shopping experience a great one.

Look out for monthly vanity specials and plywood for when a hurricane is on the radar. Additionally, 321 Cabinets is offering an inventory blowout sale up to 75% off older cabinets.

321 Cabinets is located at 620 Distribution Drive, Melbourne. Its hours are open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information, call (321) 723-8246 or visit www.321cabinets.com.

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