Canine Brains and Games

Canine Brains & Games LLC offers fun, family-friendly dog training with unique classes.

BREVARD COUNTY — Each dog has its own personality, from outgoing to independent. They are a part of our family for better or worse, and training classes can help you and your pet understand each other’s needs.

Diane Whitney, owner and founder of Canine Brains and Games, has spent more than 23 years focusing on positive reinforcement training, earning training certificates and offering professional dog training services.

Canine Brains and Games LLC opened its doors to the public on July 1, 2018, and is open for dogs of all ages.

“We’re a family friendly business that offers classes for the family dog not typically found anywhere else,” Mrs. Whitney said. “I created the ‘My Dog Needs Space’ (aka Space Dogs) class when a few dogs didn’t seem to fit in my other classes. I didn’t realize how popular it would become.”

The “My Dog Needs Space” class is capped at four dogs per class. It teaches the pet owner how to keep their dog’s attention during reactions to distractions (such as reactivity during walks) and to teach the dog to relax in unfamiliar circumstances.

Another distinctive class Canine Brains and Games offers is its six-week “Sampler” class, which offers a variety of exercises each week from “Seek and Find” to tricks and obstacle courses. This course can help clients who have completed basic training get an idea of what class they’d like to join next.

Other courses include a variety of puppy courses, canine good citizen, basic obedience, weekend doggy birthday parties and more.

Even if your dog is not a puppy, Mrs. Whitney said you can still teach an old dog new tricks.

“Sometimes it’s easier to teach an older dog because they don’t have the hyperactivity of a puppy,” she said. “I’ve had dogs up to 8 years old in my classes. I also like to encourage people to bring friends and family members with them to classes. They have so much fun as a family training their dog.”

The facility has a variety of rooms so that multiple classes can occur at the same time. The main room is its biggest room, with artwork of dog portraits for sale by a local artist. The “tricks” room is stocked with props, so you can teach your dog to perform for fun or work toward a treat.

A puppy room is full of fun items for puppies and their owners to interact with, while a quiet room has been set up to calm nervous dogs with soft lighting and lavender scents.

Mrs. Whitney began her career in 1995 by training shelter dogs, along with owning and operating “My Best Friend Training and Behavior Programs” for 15 years.

Since then, she continues to attend educational conferences, traveling across the country to learn the latest techniques and stay up-to-date with dog training programs.

A list of classes is available through Canine Brains and Games Facebook photo albums.

Canine Brains and Games conducts classes from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Daytime private sessions are also available.

Canine Brains & Games is located at 890 N. Banana River Drive, in Merritt Island.

For more information, search for “Canine Brains & Games, LLC” on Facebook or email

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This does look like a lot of fun, and like it's healthy for the dogs too!

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