My crazy, yet fun, week in Orlando at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show has come to an end. It was a great week. I got to see old friends, make new ones, and enjoy my time in Orlando.

My week again started off with the Tour Edge Multi-Manufacturer Media Event at Lake Nona ( This is always a premier event and the best way to kick off the week. Many media and special guests descended upon Orlando and participated in the event.

One of the guests was Sir Nick Faldo. It isn’t often that one gets to talk to a real knight. Nick was there to talk to us about his latest golf course project in central Florida. More on that at a later date.

The news from Tour Edge was fantastic. Not only was the company introducing new clubs, but it is expanding its stable of players on the Champions Tour. The company enjoyed seven wins last year and looks to have a strong showing this year as well.

Tom Lehman and Scott McCarron are officially Tour Edge Exotics’ staff players. They will be playing many of the company’s clubs as well as carrying the company’s logo on their bags and apparel.

I now have a new driver in my bag, the new Exotics EXS from Tour Edge. This is the most tech-loaded driver the company has ever put out. The driver features a Flight Tuning System (FTS) that includes a 9-gram and 3-gram interchangeable weights, an adjustable hosel that allows for a full four degrees of loft change, an expanded sweet spot, and a new and improved SlipStream Sole for faster clubhead speed.

The 460cc head uses Japanese TSP 910 Beta Titanium in the face for a greater spring-like effect. Engineers paired the face plate with an exceptionally light Carbon Fiber Crown, allowing weight to be strategically repositioned lower and deeper in the head for optimal spin and extremely high MOI.

This club may have been designed for golfers just like me. The modified bulge and roll on the toe of the face helps to create straighter shots when the ball is hit off the toe. Turns out that I am in the majority as most miss-hits occur on the toe of the club. The EXS Driver keeps me from being punished much at all for that miss.

We all should be playing hybrids. The Tour Edge staff players on the Champions Tour are thriving with the new Exotics EXS Hybrids in their bags.

Using the same Flight Tuning System as the driver, the hybrid line has most of the features you find in the driver, but in a club designed to replace those long, hard-to-hit, irons.

The cup face on the EXS Hybrids is “quench hardened”, a special heating technique that takes 750 degrees to provide an extreme amount of strength while allowing for a thinner face. The result is a greater energy transfer to the ball. The results will put a smile on your face.

The latest iron from Tour Edge Exotics is the EXS. This hollow-body iron features a myriad of game-enhancing innovations. The irons have a forged Cup Face with state-of-the-art SpiderWeb VFT Technology for expanded sweet spots, a hollow-body design on long irons and an undercut design on short irons that incorporates LaunchPad technology behind the face for optimal launch, a 19-gram Tungsten weight for extreme toe weighting and a Ramped Sole for faster clubhead speed through the turf.

The variable face thickness technology acts as a web across the back of the face to enhance the sweet spot in every direction. The forged cup face is extremely light and thin, and coupled with a TPE polymer that has been coated with a special performance gel that absorbs shock and creates more spring effect. The hollow body design also offers the best in perimeter weighting and increased face flex on long irons.

A 19-gram Tungsten toe weight elongates the sweet spot even further for maximum forgiveness on the face. A Ramped Sole offers more relief on the heel and toe for smoother turf interaction.

The week was off to a great start. Over the next several weeks, I will mix in some stories on the items of interest that I found at the show.

One disturbing thing that I did notice was that the number of small companies exhibiting at the show has shrunk considerably. The empty space or space taken up by food vendors and tables was larger than I have ever seen. If you add that space to all the other non-exhibitor space, there had to be a 25 percent or more reduction in exhibitors. Not a good sign for the industry.

James Stammer has been an avid golfer and golf enthusiast for nearly 40 years. He hosts the Thursday Night Golf Show on WSTU 1450-AM. Contact him at

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