The Merriam-Webster dictionary has quite a few definitions for the word spirit. Many of them point to a nonphysical, supernatural essence that is the driving source behind living beings. Others reference it as an intention, attitude, or quality of doing something. I believe when we look at these definitions in juxtaposition to the definitions for energy, which is similarly described as a quality, power, and positive spiritual force, we can easily see that these terms really exist hand-in-hand. They support us in living intentionally from a place beyond our mundane conscious minds.

In my first article, I introduced the concept of bringing the mind, body, and spirit into alignment, while highlighting mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice that calms this surface level conscious mind, gives us the ability to focus more in the present, and connects us to our physical world in a more effective way. Even though mindfulness is considered a form of meditation, it doesn’t really bridge the gap between the physical mind and the spiritual mind as well as deeper forms.

Yoga, which we discussed in my second article is an amazing physical form of mindfulness and meditation, which connects us with our physical body and has many outstanding benefits. While it can definitely be considered a moving meditation, the typical forms of yoga with which we are most familiar with will not necessarily connect you to the higher states of consciousness either. It is, however, an excellent starting point to begin aligning your energy to have better success when deepening your meditation.

One very key term you may encounter in a yoga class is the word ‘chakra’. You may be thinking, “What the heck is that and how do I find it?” Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which comes from India and loosely translates to ‘wheel’. Yoga teaches us that we have seven of these wheels (chakras), which are spinning centers for life energy that form part of our subtle energy body. When this energy is aligned, all of our systems work better. You may experience more clarity of mind, your intuition may be stronger, you might even have more energy physically. This allows you to flow through life with more ease and grace, while being more effective where you focus your intention.

These seven chakras start at the base of your spine and continue upward to the crown of your head. The lowest chakra, at the base of your spine, is the root chakra and is associated with the color red. Next, just below your naval, you have the sacral chakra, which is associated with the color orange. Just above your naval, is where the solar plexus chakra is located and this is associated with the color yellow. Above that, at the center of your chest, is the heart chakra which is associated with the color green. At your throat, you have the throat chakra, referenced by the color blue. On your forehead, just above the spot between your eyebrows, is where you find the third-eye chakra, corresponding to the color indigo. At the center of the top of your head, is where the crown chakra is located, which is most often associated with the color purple, but may also be referenced by the colors white, gold, or iridescent.

A simple meditation to align these energy centers can be accomplished by finding a quiet place to sit or lie down comfortably, taking a few deep belly breaths, and beginning with the root chakra, visualize the color associated with it pulsing in your body and energizing this chakra. When you have spent about 20 seconds doing this, visualize the light energy moving to the next one, changing colors to match it and energizing each one as you move towards the crown chakra. After you’ve energized all your chakras this way, release the energy into the Universe and spend a few minutes relaxed and quiet, simply breathing and noticing how you feel. These quiet moments of meditation afterwards may just give you a sense of calm or could bring you something more profound.

Meditation affords us the space, peace, and silence that allows our spiritual mind, or superconscious mind, to work with us in the mundane physical world. By using the tools we have to balance the mind, body, and spirit in this way, we can experience life in a much more positive form than when we are unbalanced. You often hear these aligned people say things like miracles happen around them, life just becomes easier, things just happen to work out for them, and they feel like they are in a flow state. My best advice is to try it for yourself. Use it as a little experiment and see where it leads you! Remember that this is a practice and not an achievement.

As always, I’m happy to answer questions you may have or discuss these topics in greater detail. Contact me at my website, or find me on social media!

Emilie Petri is a spiritually led transformational coach, RYT 200 yoga instructor, and a lover of adventure and magick. You can contact her through her website at

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