BREVARD COUNTY — Visiting airports and taking off on a plane might feel intimidating at this time, but officials working at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport want you to feel safe.

To keep its passengers and employees best interest at heart, the MLB airport has launched a new program called “MLB’s Game Plan: A Safe and Strategic Response to COVID-19.”

Outlined on its website,, is everything passengers need to prepare for from before they leave the house to return flights and picking up baggage.

“We wanted a quick turn-around so that we could provide a resource and a tool for all of our passengers, customers that come into the terminal, the visitors, our employees and the tenants that are there,” said Robert Himler, manager of marketing and communications at MLB.

The webpage is a great resource for passengers to see the latest updates on CDC guidelines and airline requirements from American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Although guests never really have to wait in a long line at ticketing counters, Mr. Himler said, the lines have been reconfigured so those queued up experience physical distancing while waiting.

Visual guides throughout the airport encourage guests to abide by social distances, and visitors will find that seats have been re-arranged to accommodate this latest requirement.

“Our airlines have been working to improve the experience and the safety of their passengers and employees,” Mr. Himler said. “Clear barriers, similar to what you see at Publix, provides that separation and protection. Masks are highly encouraged not only for passengers’ own safety but for the safety of our employees and our visitors at MLB.”

Mr. Himler noted that the airlines have masks available for all passengers, as it is required when flying aboard both American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Brevard County, the Orlando Melbourne International Airport has seen up to 500,000 passengers come through its terminal per year. Lately, there has been reduced frequencies in the flights to and from MLB.

Currently, MLB offers one flight per day to Atlanta on Delta Air Lines and one flight per day to Charlotte from American Airlines, which are both major hubs for these airlines.

The impact this pandemic has had across the country has brought the airline service down 96%, but starting July 2, MLB will begin to add two flights to Atlanta and on July 9, three flights to Charlotte.

“It’s going to take some time to get back to where were before the pandemic but I think the future’s bright,” Mr. Himler said. “We have the advantage of being a smaller airport where we’re able to really give a safe, healthy, unique experience for travelers and I think the airlines are going to appreciate that.”

The MLB airport is preparing to welcome travelers from the United Kingdom in 2022 with TUI UK, a travel provider. Officials made a statement earlier in the year that this new partnership has the potential to provide nonstop flights between MLB and nine European cities.

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