Panoramic Photo of LC 39 Area at KSC

The Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center captures some of Boeing’s existing operations, including the X-37B facility for the U.S. Air Force’s reusable, uncrewed space vehicle, and the CST-100 Starliner processing facility.

BREVARD COUNTY — Boeing announced the move of its Virginia Space and Launch division headquarters to Titusville in the coming months.

“We’ve got a number of programs that we support in civil, commercial and military space for NASA and for the Air Force, as well as for other programs for other customers,” said Dan Beck, director of communications for Boeing’s Defense, Space & Security.

“Right now is kind of a critical time when a lot of that activity is starting to move toward Florida,” Mr. Beck continued. “Obviously we have our Starliner commercial crew capsule program there in Florida, but as we move into 2020 more activity around the space launch system, more of that will be going to Florida.”

Boeing also has a partnership with Lockheed Martin as part of the United Launch Alliance, and Boeing supports several other programs locally.

“It just made sense in this point in time to move our executive leadership down to Florida,” Mr. Beck said.

Officials have stated that Boeing’s headquarters move will not affect its space operations in other states.

Boeing’s Defense, Space & Security division is still relatively new to the company. Mr. Beck said the creation of this division was made just under a year ago.

A decision was made to move all of Boeing’s space, commercial, satellites, Air Force and NASA programs into one division at its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Since the Space Race in the 1960’s begun, Boeing has been a part of every major milestone. Boeing is NASA’s largest contractor, supporting the International Space Station, Space Launch System and the commercial crew.

“It will put us in close proximity with Air Force operations at Cape Canaveral and Patrick Air Force Base,” Mr. Beck said. “It’s not just about NASA, but our whole space portfolio. We just think that we called the Space Coast home for six decades, and it’s a good time for us to be moving our headquarters.”

Boeing already has a location established in Titusville as a manufacturing plant, and will not undergo any construction for a new building.

Mr. Beck said he anticipates the move of the Defense, Space & Security division to begin at the end of summer.

“We’re not sharing specific job information right now,” Mr. Beck said. “Initially it will be those leaders that are located in Virginia at this point, but as more business move to the Space Coast, certainly it will be bringing additional jobs.”

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