BREVARD COUNTY — With the emergency order by the Florida Department of Education requiring all public schools to reopen in August, the Brevard County School Board has voted to push the start date to Aug. 24.

The following information has been compiled by Brevard Public Schools’ Reopening Plan and a full list of guidelines can be seen by visiting

Changes to in-person learning will include:

• Extraneous furniture and clutter to be removed from classrooms to allow more distancing

• Desks turned in the same direction and tables arranged so that students do not face each other

• Hallway traffic patterns to be monitored to minimize face-to-face interaction

• Water fountains to have signage restricting use to the filling of water bottles or cups

• Plexi-glass barriers placed in offices and reception areas

• PPE, hand sanitizer and additional cleaning products to be procured and onsite at each school

• HVAC filter changes are in process so that during the school year, air conditioning can run before and after building occupancy for additional circulation

• School schedules will be designed to minimize congregation in communal areas, such as cafeterias, gyms, courtyards

• Schools teams will develop arrival and dismissal protocols to minimize interaction

Elementary education options

Full-time in person at school, Full-time Brevard Virtual School, Part-Time in person/Part-time Brevard Virtual School and Full-Time eLearning from school at home.

eLearning vs. Brevard Virtual School

With e-learning, students maintain enrollment at their home school; follow the traditional school day schedule; have daily live interaction with their teacher and peers; use a combination of instructional resources provided by the teacher; and continue to receive services according to their IEP, 504 Plan or ELL Plan.

Students will need to complete progress monitoring at their home school and may transfer from eLearning back to their home school.

Students attending school via eLearning will have opportunities for meal availability from school.

With BVS, students may complete coursework during the hours most convenient for them; students will not have daily live interaction with their teacher or peers; use FLVS course materials delivered through Brevard teachers; and some services can be provided by BVS for students with special needs.

Students can complete progress monitoring through BVS and may transfer from BVS back to their home school.

Secondary education options

Secondary education options are similar to elementary with the exception of Full or Part-Time Dual Enrollment for qualifying high school students.

Students who choose to attend Full-time in person at school will enroll in four 90-minute classes per semester.

Health screenings

Students and staff are recommended to take their own temperatures before reporting to school each day, and stay home if about 100F or experiencing other symptoms.

Teachers will have the option of using a touchless thermometer to screen students prior to entering the classroom.

Students kept home by parents or school officials for health-related reasons will be considered excused.

Face coverings

A mask may be required for a specific lesson or activity. It is expected that all bus riders wear a face covering while on the bus. School and transportation staff may offer a mask to a student without one.

BPS recognizes that face coverings may not be appropriate for all individuals based on certain medical conditions.


Students will use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the bus. They will be given an assigned seat. Siblings and those sharing a household will be seated together.

Seats will be wiped down between routes.

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