BREVARD COUNTY – Brevard Public Schools and Brevard Federation of Teachers have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract.

Both sides have been in negotiations for several weeks and through this process the district has made every effort to provide the best offer possible in these uncertain financial times.

The district’s offer that has been accepted by the union includes:

• Health Insurance Recurring Increase to Board Contribution: $3,055,000

• Health Insurance One-Time Infusion from Fund Balance: $3,250,000

• Health Insurance Premium Reduction: $260,000

• Supplement Corrections: $92,195

• Teacher Salary Increase Allocation Correction (District Contribution): $980,487

• Parental Leave (Five Days with Pay): $115,000

• Teachers Above 46,550 (Raise of $850): $399,460

• Total District Compensation and Benefits Contributions: $8,152,141

• Total State Compensation and Benefits Contributions: $11,118,689

• Estimated Combined District and State Contributions: $19,270,830

This agreement also includes using district money for an additional 0.25% raise for veteran teachers. This is on top of state money earmarked for raises and the $1,200 veteran teacher supplement that was agreed to last year.

Governor DeSantis provided school districts with a significant amount of state money to increase teacher pay. That money is appreciated and helpful, but it did create a problem with veteran teacher pay compression and did not provide money for other employees. The district was already aware and addressing the veteran teacher pay compression before the governor’s plan. The district committed roughly $3m last year to help address the issue. The district’s ability to fully address veteran teacher compression is going to take time to correct, particularly in a year when the district had to cut 131 positions and regional busing routes. Being forced to eliminate regional busing has had a direct negative impact on students’ access to program and activities.

The district is happy the contract talks have concluded with a tentative agreement. Next, Brevard Federation of Teachers members will vote on whether to ratify the agreement. If ratified, the School Board would need to finalize the agreement.

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