BREVARD COUNTY — As the Nov. 3 General Elections approach, it’s time to start thinking about who to cast your ballot for.

Below are the candidate profiles for those interested in filling the seats of your local city council.

Melbourne City Council, Dist. 3

Yvonne Minus, Incumbent

Number of years as resident: 39.5 years

Occupation and company you work for: Retired from a South Melbourne Corporation with over 27 years of experience

Education: Marsh Draughon College in Atlanta, Georgia

Marital status: Married to James Minus

Number of children: Three children, seven grandchildren, one great-grandchild

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “I believe that I bring the most experience to the Melbourne City Council District 3 race. I have been a Melbourne resident and community-activist for almost forty years, and I know what it takes to meet my community's needs.

“I pride myself on being available to all residents, business owners, and those who seek to have their voices heard. We need someone who is experienced in resolving the city's diverse issues, and we need a councilmember who is dedicated, committed, and puts people over politics.

“I am that person, and I look forward to continuing to serve Melbourne's residents.”

Vilma Negron

Number of years as resident: 26 years

Occupation and company you work for: Retired Medical Biller and Nonprofit Accountant

Education: Lehman College School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Marital status: Married Hamlet Pineyro

Number of children: Two children, one grandchild

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “I am a 24-year A+ Volunteer for Brevard Public Schools. I was a volunteer during Hurricane Maria for UTB United Third Bridge Puerto Rico Relief Fund. I am also a 14-year volunteer for the Hemophilia Foundation of greater Florida.

“I feel that my nonprofit experience and community service bring a different outlook to the council. I have helped many people here in Melbourne and throughout Brevard County over my many years living here. I bring a breath of fresh air to the council, a new prospective on the social concerns of our city.”

David M. Neuman

Number of years as resident: Five years

Occupation and company you work for: Fundraiser, Neuman Solutions LLC

Education: Bachelor of Science from Florida State University, Tallahassee; Master of Professional Studies from George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Marital status: N/A

Number of children: N/A

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “Melbourne deserves a councilman who will respond to the calls of residents and will solve our local concerns. My family has been here for almost 40 years. I have been elected before as a City Clerk and I have raised over $3 million dollars to prevent child abuse.

“During my time serving residents, I worked with churches and community groups to address the opioid epidemic and homelessness. As your councilman, I will address our increase in homelessness, keep our police department well-funded, keep taxes low, fix our forgotten roads, and most importantly answer the phone when Melbourne’s residents need help.”

Melbourne City Council, Dist. 5

Mariann “Mimi” Hanley

Number of years as resident: 40-plus years

Occupation and company you work for: Self-employed small business: Hanley CPA

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Saint Leo University, St Leo, Florida and Rollins College Winter Park

Marital status: N/A

Number of children: N/A

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “My business experience and longtime residence, makes me the most qualified for City Councilperson. I understand the challenges the city faces. I have experienced good and lean times in Melbourne.

“I’m the only candidate running who works daily with financial regulations and budgets; needed to keep Melbourne fiscally sound. As a pilot, I understand the need for managing the growth in the aviation industry, Melbourne is attracting.

“As your councilperson, I will utilize my financial expertise to ensure your tax dollars are used efficiently. As your neighbor, I will guide the council that will retain our city’s quality of life.”

Martin Lamb

Number of years as resident: 29 years

Occupation and company you work for: Self-employed at Lamb Real Estate Services as a Commercial & Residential Real Estate Broker/Owner. Office located in Melbourne.

Education: Miami Dade Community College

Marital status: Married to Donna Lamb

Number of children: Three children and six grandchildren

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “I have the experience for the job. Proudly served in the United States Army in the early 70's. I have operated a Real Estate Brokerage for over 25 years in Melbourne.

“It’s been challenging at times as it will be if honored with the support of the Melbourne voters to serve. I've lived here 29 years. My children attended Elementary, Jr. High and High school here in Melbourne. I have been appointed to several citizen advisory boards by local elected officials; this helps me understand the process in real life. I want to represent the current residents of Melbourne.”

Logan Luse

Number of years as resident: Two years

Occupation and company you work for: District Representative for the Florida Farm Bureau Federation. Not-for-Profit Agricultural Membership Organization

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education and Communication with a specialization in Communication and Leadership Development from the University of Florida

Marital status: N/A

Number of children: N/A

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “I am the best candidate for Melbourne City Council, District 5 seat, because I have a strong professional background in working with non-profit organizations, career and technical education, agricultural and environmental conservation.

“I believe that we need to continue to advance our businesses, cultivate a healthy environment and strengthen our community. We are being faced with very difficult times, and I have the proven work ethic, positivity and determination to continue being a servant leader for the city of Melbourne.”

Samantha Nazario

Number of years as resident: 16 years

Occupation and company you work for: Nazario Consulting FL, CEO

Education: Associates Degree in Marketing and Advertising from Katherine Gibbs School New York

Marital status: Marc Martinez

Number of children: One son, three step children

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “I decided to run for office of Melbourne City Council District 5 as I live in this city and have seen a void in our community, a need for services and programs that enhance our city and make it a wonderful safe place to live. We still have a small town feel with big city issues. We need more job opportunities that pay a livable wage, affordable housing, more green energy solution’s and we still have lots of work to do on continuing to protect our environment.”

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