MELBOURNE — Melbourne City Manager Shannon Lewis has issued an Executive Order lifting the mask requirement for fully vaccinated city employees who work inside city offices.

Vaccinated city office employees will no longer have to wear masks and will be allowed to move about in the workplace without a mask 14-days after their final dose of a COVID-19 vaccination.

However the Executive Order advises that employees should be aware that Management may still require them to wear a mask inside “in certain circumstances.”

The Executive Order states that one such example includes “a group gathering in a small room or space where social distancing cannot be achieved, and where all parties are not vaccinated.”

Proof of vaccination will not be required.

The decision to get a COVID-19 vaccination “rests solely with the employee,” states the Executive Order.

The Centers for Disease Control still recommends that individuals not fully vaccinated continue to wear a mask inside when social distancing cannot be achieved.

City employees who work outside, or meet outside, will not have to wear masks, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated.

City employees with concerns about the new mask police are advise to speak with their supervisor.

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