Downtown Melbourne

Downtown Melbourne will develop curb-side pickups during the measures taken restricting restaurants. 

MELBOURNE ― Melbourne Main Street has worked with the City of Melbourne to develop designated parking spots for Downtown Melbourne restaurants that are offering curbside pick-up service for takeout meals. The City is allowing this as a temporary measure during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic as a way to assist restaurants that do not have their own property and parking facilities to stage carry-out services.

On-street parking spots will be near participating restaurants and will include signage and cones. Parking spots will be on a first come, first served basis.

The following is a list of locations where Downtown Melbourne restaurants are using on-street parking areas for short term curbside pickup of takeout orders:

Hell’n Blazes: 1002 E. New Haven Avenue

Chumley’s: 1929 Depot Drive

The Roots Tavern: 2011 Melbourne Court

Crush XI: 928 E. New Haven Avenue

Continental Flambe: 936 E. New Haven Avenue

The Village BierGarten: 924 E. New Avenue

Off the Traxx: 918 E. New Haven Avenue

Jacqueline’s Bakery: 906 E. New Haven Avenue

Backwater: 1904 Municipal Lane

The Dove: 836 East New Haven Avenue

Mangetsu Sushi Bar and Korean BBQ: 841 East New Haven

Hurricane Creek: 829 East New Haven Avenue

The Burger Place: 811 East New Haven Avenue

Sun Ann’s Bakery: 817 East New Haven Avenue

Meg O’Malley’s: 812 East New Haven Avenue

Ember and Oak: 712 East New Haven Avenue

The following restaurants will be using their own parking lots for curbside pickup:

The Mansion: 1218 East New Avenue

Seafood Station: 2001 South Harbor City Blvd.

Matt's Casbah: 801 East New Haven Avenue

Cryderman’s: 401 East New Haven Avenue

Crafty Crane: 2101 Henley Court

El Ambia Cubana: 950 East Melbourne Court

Mustard’s Last Stand: 415 East New Haven Avenue (Drive Thru Service Available)

For more information or questions contact Melbourne Main Street at 321-724-1741.

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