TITUSVILLE ― On Sunday, Sept. 20 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Fight For Zero, The Edgewater Environmental Alliance, and others will be gathering at the foot of the Max Brewer Causeway in Titusville to discuss the current, massive, and severe algal bloom occurring in the northern sections of the Indian River Lagoon (IRL/ML/BRL).

The algal bloom is part of an ongoing statewide water crisis, and here, the IRL seagrass-based ecosystem has collapsed into an algae-based ecosystem. This has rendered the Lagoon unable to recover. As seagrass regrowth is interrupted and reversed by periodic algal blooms. The conundrum is apparent.

"It's time we defend the Indian River Lagoon by becoming connected to the research, decisions, and awareness involved in making a difference," a spokesperson for Fight for Zero said. "We can't solely rely on a few to fix a problem we are all a part of. Everyone who lives here has a stake in water quality, wildlife, and health. That's why Fight For Zero is educating and empowering communities across the county to tackle these environmental issues themselves. We do this by giving communities a voice in the public decisions being made and encouraging them to participate in citizen science. The Indian River Lagoon needs all of us to take on this challenge."

Among things to be discussed during this demonstration:

-Local report from fishermen who are observing the bloom out on the water.

-Testing that is currently being done, and still needs to be done to monitor the algal bloom.

-A study being undertaken by University of Florida that will expand current testing of water quality.

-The pilot study and effort to build pumping stations which would create inflows of ocean water to the estuary.

-Other localized efforts, including the establishment of a local Waterkeeper Alliance chapter.

After discussion, at 11:30 a.m. groups will march to the top of the causeway with signs to demand clean water.

For more information, contact 321-960-0232 via text or call, or mattf.brevard@gmail.com

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