BREVARD COUNTY — As of a few days ago, city facilities and local businesses across the county have begun to re-open. While everyone is encouraged to maintain social distancing, some residents still at risk should not venture out – namely, our senior citizens.

“The severity of the Coronavirus seems to vary by individual,” said Lisa Conway, RN, CCM and vice president of Senior Partner Care Services. “Seniors tend to be more at risk due to the fact that many may have weakened immune systems or other chronic co-morbidities that make fighting the virus more challenging.”

At this time, Nurse Conway urges seniors to stay in their homes as tempting as dining at restaurants or shopping may be.

“Seniors – and really everyone – should remain cautious,” said One Senior Place Founder and CEO Don Kramer. “While social distancing is very important, isolation can lead to anxiety and depression, especially for seniors.”

Mr. Kramer points to expert recommendations such as going outside for a walk or drive, and keeping in touch with friends and family virtually. Simple-to-use videoconferencing tools like Zoom, Facetime and Skype, or an old-fashioned phone call are just as good.

“Keep it simple,” Mr. Kramer said. “Wash hands frequently using soap and water; if not available, then use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Continue to social distance, wear a mask and avoid groups of more than 10 people; and if at all possible, have someone go to the store for you.”

According to Nurse Conway, the question most asked of seniors is, “What can I do to protect myself?” Besides what was answered by Mr. Kramer previously, Nurse Conway added that seniors then want to know, “Should I keep my doctor appointments?”

“The short answer is yes,” Nurse Conway said, “but we encourage the seniors to call the office and ask about virtual or ‘telemedicine’ appointments. Most doctors are happy to oblige, decreasing the risk of their patients coming in contact with the virus.”

One Senior Place has remained open during the pandemic in order to provide seniors and their families the information and resources they need to remain safe and thrive, Mr. Kramer said.

Clients and their families can take advantage of free consultations by phone or in person. Seniors missing the educational presentations hosted monthly by One Senior Place can look forward to webinars.

Aging Matters and Senior Resource Alliance are additional local organizations dedicated to provide resources to seniors in need of financial assistance.

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