BREVARD COUNTY - A national COVID-19 vaccine finder, has expanded its live coverage to the State of Florida. is a community driven website that shows up-to-date vaccine availability and eligibility for vaccine sites across the state. It is run entirely by volunteers.

The website provides maps showing the locations in Florida that have the vaccine in stock, and provides information about which locations are taking appointments, and how to get in line.

“FindYourVaccine (FYV) is a community effort to fill a national gap” said co-founder Dylan Alban in a news release. “With federal vaccine resources still in the works, and each state taking its own approach, reliable information on vaccine access is hard to find.”

Early on, the FYV team realized that Florida had to be a focus state. With more than four million seniors now eligible for the vaccine, and different conditions in each county, the state faces an uphill battle. The goal of “FindYourVaccine” is to streamline this process.

“Instead of thousands of people calling a long list of providers every day on their own,” said Cofounder Fletcher Heisler “our team can reach out once to each site and make that call info readily available. We can help keep those phone lines open for people who really need them.” FYV is ready to help Floridians get the information they need at .

The site was launched as a national hub for COVID vaccine availability and eligibility, with summaries and maps for each state. FYV has also become a hub for similar community projects. FYV supports the work of volunteer sites in many states, including Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

The FYV team will expand coverage and provide the best volunteer-sourced data possible until government resources are ready to take over.

Visit us at or join our efforts at

Twitter: @findyourvaccine

Facebook: @findyourvaccine welcomes government, provider, and other inquiries at

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