BREVARD COUNTY — The city of Melbourne has four candidates running for the seat of mayor, so Hometown News is doing its part to prepare our readers ahead of the General Election on Nov. 3.

Below are the candidate profiles for those interested in becoming your next mayor.

Paul Alfrey, 50, Vice Mayor

Number of years as resident: 50 years

Occupation and company you work for: Small Business Owner, Retired Canine Police Office and Military Veteran

Education: Attended Miami Dade Community College and Seminole State College. Licensed as a Florida Certified Contractor, Home Inspector and Insurance Agent

Marital status: Married

Number of children: Four in household

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “As the current Melbourne Vice Mayor, I am one of the most active elected officials in the community. I built both Pieloch Dog Parks with volunteers and assembled the Bahamas relief sending 100,000 pounds of supplies to those in need.

“Under my leadership the city has completed more infrastructure projects than previous councils, and I hold government accountable. I recently called for a Judicial Legislative Audit after I recovered stolen tax dollars from an internal city invoice scam that targeted our general fund. I have fought for cleaner water and for our Lagoon. Check out for more information.”

Hazel Buggs

Number of years as resident: 35 years

Occupation and company you work for: I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent and a substitute teacher in the Brevard Country Schools

Education: Masters Degree in Theology and an Honorary Doctoral Degree - Light House Bible College, Palm Bay

Marital status: Widow

Number of children: Two children, five grandchildren

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “I have lived in Melbourne for 35 years with 30 years of community service. I served on the Melbourne Downtown Redevelopment Board, the Brevard County Commissioners Citizen Action Board, just to name a few, and ran for Mayor of Melbourne in 2016.

“I am a visionary, challenge-driven servant leader who is excited about the opportunity to continue to expand economic and educational opportunities for all Melbourne residents, while protecting our environment and offering affordable housing and improving trust between our law enforcement and the citizens. My desire is for Melbourne to serve as a model city for other cities to follow.”

CJ Johnson, 31

Number of years as resident: 31 years

Occupation and company you work for: Founder and CEO at Breakpoint Law

Education: Bachelor of Arts in International Business from Florida Southern College, Lakeland; Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern Shepard Board College of Law, Fort Lauderdale; Master’s in Business Administration from University of Florida, Gainesville

Marital status: Married to Sandra

Number of children: One child

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “I have the energy, education and experience to be the next Mayor. I will support small businesses and families by cutting excessive regulations that stifle business and create unnecessary roadblocks for growth.

“We must keep our community safe by supporting our police, fire and EMTs, and adequately fund departments by making their pay and benefits more competitive.

“By creating a strong positive culture, we can ensure the safety of our community. We must properly fund infrastructure to attract businesses and jobs. Protecting our assets is essential to creating the best quality of life for our residents.”

Molly Jean Tasker, 75

Number of years as resident: 20 years in Melbourne, 34 years in Brevard County

Occupation and company you work for: Self-employed, Attorney at Law and Consultant on National Security Issues

Education: Florida State University College of Law, Tallahassee, Juris Doctor; Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Bachelor of Arts (Poli. Sci.); Santa Fe Junior College, Gainesville, FL, Associate of Arts

Marital status: Widow

Number of children: Five step-children, six grandchildren

What makes you the best candidate for this seat?: “Experienced. MLB City Council, Nov. 2008 - 2016, one year as Vice Mayor. Eight years MLB Airport Board of Directors. Served on Building and Construction Committee and Babcock Street CRA. Twice the experience on Council than any other candidate.

“Effectiveness while on Council is reflected in MLB's exceptional economic development, job growth, improved infrastructure, and revision of ordinances, all successfully addressed.

“Ethical. Member of Florida Bar in good standing, and, ‘duly admitted and qualified as Attorney and Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the United States.’ Upon retirement from CIA, was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal for Exceptional Achievement.

“Go to:

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I have been a Viera resident for 15 years and a writer my whole life. I love to travel when the opportunity presents itself, as well as try new things.

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Nicole Kim The Blogger Quotes

There are many factors to consider concerning our local government when we think about selecting a Mayor. One thing I am concerned with is Keeping Brevard Beautiful. That means continuing to develop Melbourne as a major city like Orlando and also maintaining and making the necessary repairs to our streets, roads and highways while also making our parks more modern in urban communities. We need an upgrade in many areas throughout Melbourne. I would also like to be a part of Community Development Programs and Initiatives. We all have to do what we can to make a difference. Recently, I had a chance to actually meet and shake Dr. Buggs hand at her local church (Chief Cornerstone Church) where she serves as part of the ministerial bodies, and she was meek, pleasant and outgoing. When you have a welcoming spirit and you are willing to talk to people, it helps to build unity and makes people want to get involved and help. I did not know she was a Pastor. What a pleasant surprise. Now that is something special.

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