Lip Sync Battle

Greg Pallone and Nancy Peltonen, emcees for Saturday night’s ‘Gnarly 90’s Lip Sync Battle,’ opened the event with a rendition to Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl.’

BREVARD COUNTY — Community members gathered for a ‘Gnarly 90’s Lip Sync Battle’ that not only fostered unforgettable memories, it also raised $54,000 toward aiding Brevard County’s child welfare system.

Inspired by NBC television host Jimmy Fallon’s popular Lip Sync Battle, Brevard Family Partnership (BFP) created a truly unique way to fundraise within the county.

Going on its fifth year, participating teams were made up of elementary school teachers, bankers, college students, health care specialists and more. The teams took to the stage with dusted off moves from 90s music videos.

The winners were determined by the scoring of a panel of local celebrity judges and by the attendees who paid for their votes.

“It’s truly exciting because when [Brevard Family Partnership] approached me, they said they wanted to do something that had never been done in Brevard before,” said Enie Windle, chairwoman of the event, and previous contestant. “It’s really a lot of fun.”

Brevard Family Partnership, a nonprofit since 2003, works with Brevard County government, Devereux and Children’s Home Society to provide child abuse prevention, foster care and support, adoption, independent living and community outreach services.

“All of the funds raised tonight go toward helping children in foster care and families in crisis,” said Julie Boynton, public relations manager for BFP. “We provide resources to strengthen families so that children never have to go into foster care in the first place.”

The night was full of celebration as performers took to the stage in 90s costume, but before all of that could happen, BFP CEO Phil Scarpelli, made an announcement to honor long-time foster parent Patrick Gordon.

Mr. Gordon, who has been fostering children alongside of his wife for 21 years, brought his family on stage to great applause. He championed the cause of foster care and the difference it could make in children’s lives.

He and his wife, who recently passed away, adopted six children into their already growing family – as they had six biological children as well, and is currently fostering a baby.

This year marked the first event in which the Lip Sync Battle was sold out, and planning is underway for a ‘60s themed event scheduled for Oct. 17, 2020.

The evening’s top performer and fundraiser was ‘No Scrubs’, which was made up three couples: Vanessa and Brett Johnson, Juliet and Frank Venzara, and Kathleen and Kevin Verpaele.

The top three winners of the two categories combined were Roy Allen Panthers in third place, Ice Ice Girls in second place, and No Scrubs in first place.

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