MELBOURNE – The Melbourne Regional Chamber and the Chamber’s Visitors Bureau (CVB) are relaunching their Space Coast Staycation campaign. Originally launched earlier in the year, but paused due to restrictions from COVID-19, this campaign is now active and is designed to help drive the local economy and the recovery of the region, and inspire locals to support tourism-based businesses while rediscovering all that our spectacular community has to offer.

The interactive planner,, allows residents around the Space Coast to create their ultimate “Staycation Itineraries.” It is designed specifically to encourage Space Coast residents and those in surrounding drive markets to patronize local hotels, restaurants, attractions, retail establishments and other businesses.

“We are actively providing resources for the local community to recover and sharing opportunities for community members to positively impact the Space Coast economy,” commented Michael Ayers, President & CEO of the Melbourne Regional Chamber. “The Chamber knows tourism is a top demand driver of the Space Coast economy, so until outside tourism returns, we are encouraging residents to experience what makes the Space Coast such a desirable vacation spot while also supporting our hospitality partners at the same time.”

The Chamber is urging all community members to be part of it by following these simple steps:

1. Visit

2. Plan your perfect Staycation by building your customized itinerary

3. Share your Staycation itinerary with your social networks

4. Share your Staycation memories with the hashtag #SpaceCoastStaycation

“Space Coast Staycation provides residents a way to give back to their community, but also gives them an excuse to explore their very own backyards and become tourists in their own town,” said Pam Rothenberg, Owner of Tuckaway Shores Resort and Chair of the Chamber’s Visitors Bureau.

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