Party for the Playhouse

The 'Pirate King' (Ron Fox) from the upcoming 'Pirates of Penzance' will make an appearance at the Party for the Playhouse. The annual fundraiser for the Surfside Playhouse is February 22 at the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront.

BREVARD COUNTY — Since 1959, Surfside Playhouse has been an important staple in beachside living. Patrons from across the county have enjoyed countless shows that entertain a wide range of audiences.

To keep the theater in shape so that the community can enjoy local shows for the years to come, Surfside Playhouse is hosting its annual “Party for the Playhouse” fundraiser at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, 1550 North Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach.

Tickets are $75 per person and attendees will even get a sneak peak at numbers from the next Surfside Playhouse production “Pirates of Penzance.”

“Surfside is part of the artistic hub here in Cocoa Beach and the surrounding area,” said Bryan Bergeron, artistic director for Surfside Playhouse. “We support our children by providing a vibrant and successful youth program. In support of cultural tourism, Surfside actively markets to patrons outside our city and county, thereby bringing in valuable resources to Cocoa Beach. And of course, we support our patrons.”

Mr. Bergeron added that more than 230 volunteers supports Surfside Playhouse. Many of them are seniors who consider the community theater to be a second home and a comfortable place to ‘play,’ he said.

Now mid-way through its 60th season, the playhouse is in need of sound and lighting equipment, a new computer, stage curtains and the lobby snack bar’s cabinetry is falling apart, according to a press release.

Proceeds from past fundraisers have helped go into a vibrant new paint job to the exterior of the building, and a new marquee, according to Kate Schwartz, president of the Surfside Playhouse Board of Governors. She added that inside, the lobby bathrooms have been renovated, which garnered a positive reaction for the ladies’ room.

Earlier this season, a new stage floor was installed, and upgrades have been done to plumbing, in addition to some electrical work.

The fundraiser will feature a sit-down dinner, cash bar and live entertainment by DJ “Louis Las Vegas.” A silent auction will include items such as jewelry, works by local artists, travel to exciting destinations and a variety of services and merchandise by local businesses.

“The shows and educational offerings at Surfside have both entertained and enriched the community,” Dr. Schwartz said. “The children in Youth Players all through the years had experiences of a lifetime on Surfside’s stage.

“I think the most important benefit for the community, though, is that Surfside brings together people from all walks of life in our community to enjoy the exhilaration of seeing or creating a live show,” she continued. “When 200 people all laugh at the same thing at the same time, it reminds us of our common humanity.”

Throughout the years, Surfside Playhouse has supported the community by hosting food drives, toy drives, playground building, or cancer funds. Likewise, the playhouse has enjoyed a long run of support from its audiences, community members and businesses.

“My hope would be that new generations of audiences, performers, and volunteers would experience the performing arts in Surfside’s unique community atmosphere,” Dr. Schwartz said about Surfside’s future.

“Would the shows and offerings change? Maybe,” she added. “I would hope that Surfside continues to be attuned to the interests of the community while retaining its beachside vibe of fun and hospitality. Now and into the future, consider this your invitation: I’ll see you at the playhouse!”

For more information, visit or visit (321) 783-3127.

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