A before and after picture shows the ShoreSox technique followed by the covered result. ShoreSox erosion control is meant to last several decades and is an environmentally-friendly material.

BREVARD COUNTY — Living in Florida can have its perks; with beautiful year-round weather, we can visit beaches and theme parks or host pool parties any time.

Floridians chalk up summer storms and hurricanes as part of our dues to live here, but the consequences of these yearly floods can mean shrinking property value for those living by bodies of water as shorelines erode.

A new and improved method has been devised that can restore shorelines and is built to last a lifetime. These patented “DredgeSox” and “ShoreSox” are made from a degradable mesh that supports new vegetation and can withstand future forces of nature.

“There’s a product called ‘geotubes’ that doesn’t sustain vegetation and the permitting process is different,” said Joe Harms, vice president and general manager of operations for Lake & Wetland Management.

“Geotubes can’t be used for extreme slopes or drops,” Mr. Harms continued. “For my product we don’t need any permits to install it in Brevard County, and we don’t have to keep using different tubes. We can shape, shift, sew and attach each piece, and our material allows vegetation to grow through and around it.”

The DredgeSox erosion control system uses dredged up pond sediment to fill a sox containment unit, which is then sodded over and improves the shoreline.

The ShoreSox erosion control system uses a similar process, except the soil or mulch is brought in to fill the sox containment unit.

Neighborhoods, golf courses, cities and municipalities with retention ponds may be familiar with the plight of eroded shorelines, which can lead to collapsed land, exposed cables and accidents waiting to happen for lawn mowing companies.

The process of installing DredgeSox or ShoreSox is just a matter of a few days, and can be done efficiently without machinery coming in to scrape up the land as it aims to fix it.

“It’s required roughly every 30 years to dredge and clean out these retention ponds to remove the oils, muck, grass clippings and dead vegetation that’s been decaying over the years,” Mr. Harms said. “With us, they’re basically getting a 2-for-1. We’re able to suck that material out and stop the erosion, which keeps their land from being lost [with DredgeSox].”

The benefits further include better water flow and water quality to support pond life. Additionally, the mesh sox material acts as a filter to prevent pollutants from entering waterways.

“The DredgeSox has been coming round pretty quickly as the go-to source for homeowners associations to have these repairs,” said Darcie Madison, Brevard divisional director for Leland Management.

“It doesn’t erode away the shoreline from storms and rain, so once it’s installed, it keeps it where it should be; and it’s not obtrusive like a retaining wall, like what you’d have built in the area,” she continued. “It keeps that natural look that matches the rest of the pond.”

For more information, call (833) 222-4769 or visit www.soxerosion.com.

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