BREVARD COUNTY — Public input is a valuable tool for any organization looking to make improvements that shapes its community.

The city of West Melbourne and the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization will host a virtual kick-off public meeting to discuss the Minton Road Feasibility Study at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

The virtual meeting will feature a presentation and give residents a chance to ask questions at the end. It will also be broadcast through Facebook Live at

“We really want to encourage people to go on the website and dig into it and think about what choices they’d like to see on this corridor and then provide us with feedback,” said Sarah Kraum, multi-modal program specialist for SCTPO.

“If there is anyone that doesn’t have access to a computer and can’t go on the website, we’d be happy to provide that information in paper form," she added. "

They just need to contact the Space Coast TPO office.”

Along Minton Road are schools, businesses, Calvary Chapel Melbourne, West Melbourne skatepark and Space Coast Field of Dreams, all of which were populated areas before the Covid-19 pandemic.

While Minton Road has sidewalks, there are currently no bicycle facilities, so anything would be an improvement, Ms. Kraum noted.

“The vision of the city is to create this downtown corridor, complete street roadway instead of being dedicated to just cars,” Ms. Kraum said.

“It’s adequate now but it could be so much more,” she continued. “With the speeds that people are traveling and the number of cars traveling through there, they really need to have better protected bicycle and pedestrian facilities.”

Some of the biggest complaints voiced to SCTPO is that Minton Road isn’t quite safe and accessible for school children to be walking to/from schools.

The intersections are often congested at peak hours, and Ms. Kraum added that the SCTPO has been working on an analysis of each intersection on how to improve them to make it easier for cars to get through.

“There are two transit routes that go down Minton Road,” Ms. Kraum said. “Every single transit rider starts off as a bicyclist or pedestrian and so it’s really important to make sure they’re able to get to and from bus stops safely.”

The public will be able to access the Minton Road study website after the initial meeting to explore what has been presented, as well as view the details not mentioned during the meeting, and can vote on what improvements they’d like to see in the future.

With that data, SCTPO will meet with city and county officials, in addition to other stakeholders, to present what improvements the public would like before moving on to final decisions of the corridor.

“The final decisions will be things like how wide is the sidewalk, are we doing bike lanes or are we doing a cycle track, is this intersection getting this treatment or that treatment,” Ms. Kraum explained. “Once the final decisions are made, we’ll basically create a package of concept designs. The city will be able to start applying for funding to create their vision.”

A second public meeting will be scheduled for later in the year to go over the proposed changes.

The Minton Road study website will become live on Aug. 26 and can be accessed by visiting

To register for the virtual meeting, visit

Persons with disability who require special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or persons who require translation services, free of charges, should contact Travis Hills at 407-540-0555 or, at least seven days prior to the virtual public meeting.

For those with hearing or speech impairments, contact SCTPO by using the Florida Relay Service, 1-800-955-8771 (TDD), or 1-800-955-8770 (Voice).

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Is this a case of the squeaky wheel getting grease?

Minton Road is far better for pedestrians and bicyclists than Wickham Road from US-192 to the hospital.

If you "have to do something", don't mess with the road, widen the sidewalks to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists, since children riding bikes to the Meadowland schools and Central Middle school wisely use the sidewalks.

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