MELBOURNE — The Melbourne airport's name has changed from Orlando Melbourne International Airport to Melbourne Orlando International Airport. The airport code remains the same, MLB.

The name change is the result of a settlement reached between the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and the Melbourne Airport Authority.

The Melbourne airport has used “Orlando” in its name since 2008 and made references to Orlando in marketing materials dating back to the turn of the century. However the Orlando Aviation Authority objected to Melbourne's use of “Orlando” in its airport’s name.

A news release from the Melbourne Airport Authority states : “In an effort to resolve the matter for the mutual benefit of all concerned and in the best interests of the traveling public, both parties have agreed on Melbourne Airport Authority changing all trademarks, branding, identifiers and signage of its airport from Orlando Melbourne International Airport to Melbourne Orlando International Airport.”

Both parties signed a Consent and License Agreement making the name change legally binding.

“We look forward to a bright future as Melbourne Orlando International Airport, the coastal gateway to Central Florida.” said MLB Executive Director Greg Donovan in the news release. A letter from Donovan to all MLB airport partners states - "Although our name has made a slight change, our distinction of being your calm, convenient, and un-congested airport remains the same."

The letter also all airport partners to use MLB's new name and logo "whenever we are are mentioned across your websites, online resources, and printed materials."

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