BREVARD COUNTY - Listed below are the candidates who have qualified for each statewide race. Only those who have opposition within their party will appear on the August ballot.

State candidates do not qualify with the local elections office. For more information on these candidates who file with the Florida Division of Elections, visit

The political parties listed below are registered with the state of Florida. Three-letter party abbreviations are used to designate political parties in candidate reports and contests. If a person is registered to vote with a political party, that voter's record will include the party's name and/or abbreviation. If a person is registered to vote without a party affiliation, that voter's record will reflect no party affiliation and/or NPA.

Political Parties: Florida Democratic Party (DEM); Republican Party of Florida (REP); Constitution Party of Florida (CPF); Ecology Party of Florida (ECO); Green Party of Florida (GRE); Independent Party of Florida (IND); Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF); Party for Socialism and Liberation - Florida (PSL); People's Party (PEO); Reform Party of Florida (REF); Unity Party of Florida (UPF).

Write-in candidates are indicated by (WRI). No-party-affiliation candidates are indicated by (NPA).

United States Senator:

De La Fuente, Ricardo (DEM)

Demings, Val (DEM)

Ekpete, Uloma Uma (WRI)

Grant, Steven B. (NPA)

Gray, Edward A. (WRI)

Knepper, Howard (WRI)

Misigoy, Dennis (LPF),

Nguyen, Tuan TQ (NPA)

Quiles, Moses (WRI)

Rubio, Marco (REP)

Rush, Brian (DEM)

Sanchez, William (DEM)


Blass, Piotr (WRI)

Crist, Charlie (DEM)

Daniel, Cadance (DEM)

DeSantis, Ron (REP)

Fried, Nicole "Nikki" (DEM)

Gibson, Kyle KC (WRI)

Gimenez, Carmen Jackie (NPA)

Jeloudov, Jodi Gregory (NPA)

Roos, Hector (LPF)

Thompson, James (WRI)

Willis, Robert L. (DEM)

Attorney General:

Ayala, Aramis (DEM)

Lewis, Jim (DEM)

Moody, Ashley (REP)

Uhlfelder, Daniel (DEM)

Chief Financial Officer:

Hattersley, Adam (DEM)

Patronis, Jimmy (REP)

Commissioner of Agriculture:

Blemur, Naomi Esther (DEM)

Gaillot, J. R. (DEM)

Morales, Ryan (DEM)

Shaw, James W. (REP)

Simpson, Wilton (REP)

Supreme Court Justice

Canady, Charles T. (NOP)

Couriel, John D. (NOP)

Grosshans, Jamie (NOP)

Labarga, Jorge (NOP)

Polston, Ricky (NOP)

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