TITUSVILLE – Public Safety Telecommunicators, or 911 dispatchers, with the Titusville Police Department, recently donated goods and supplies to their counterparts with the Plaquemine’s Parish Sheriff’s Office, located in southeastern Louisiana, which was hit hard when Category 4 Hurricane Ida made landfall there in late August.

According to a release from the Titusville Police Department, the dispatchers were able to send a package for the Plaquemines dispatchers that included cleaning and personal hygiene supplies, snacks, puzzles and Home Depot gift cards.

“….They (the Plaquemines dispatchers) put public concerns in front of their own personal devastation,” said Amy Matthews, Titusville Police Department public information officer. “Many of these 911 dispatchers’ homes were destroyed completely or destroyed, you know, where they couldn’t even go back to their homes so just knowing that they felt that serving the public was their priority and we empathize with that.”

The package arrived in Louisiana on Sept. 24. Ms. Matthews indicated it was mailed to the PPSO dispatchers and took about a week to arrive there.

“This was an internal section donation drive and it was simply from the unit that wanted to reach out to their counterparts and to show ‘hey we’re thinking of you, we appreciate what you’re doing and this is just a simple way to say that we hope you recover and we hope this helps,’” Ms. Matthews said.

Ms. Matthews added that Greg Morrison, communications section manager, had been in contact with the communications manager with the PPSO to let them know the package was coming.

“Members of our 911 PST team are always dedicated to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Titusville,” said Communications Section Manager Greg Morrison in the release. “Now they are reaching out with compassion and generosity to fellow dispatchers in Louisiana as they recover from the disaster created by Hurricane Ida.”

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